Weather on Bali in January

How is the weather in January?

January is in the middle of the Rainy Season on Bali. Although one can and should still expect some nice days with no or little rain, it is more probable than not, that tropical rain showers will be part of your Bali experience.
While Bali is warm and enjoys a tropical climate, in the mountain area near the volcanoes like Kintamani it can become quite fresh and temperatures can drop to 10-15 C in the night.

Bali is great all year round, January however can be more about discovering temples and natural sites, shopping for clothes and on art markets, and about enjoying an incredible wine and dine experience, than sitting on the beach every day.
The sea gets more rough because of the wind and beaches in general can become quite dirty due to rubbish that is washed onshore. It's generally a slow month after 6th of January so prices can drop significantly for accommodation.
Ubud is a bid cooler than the coastal areas in the south and expects usually more rain.

Weather Details January
Months max. Temp. Rain days Rainfall Season
Bali weather January 26°C 78°F 27 34.5 cm Rainy Season