Weather on Bali in December

How is the weather in December?

It's rainy season - and high season. A bit like November it can rain a lot on Bali, but also in December you will get your days on the beach. Because of Christmas holidays and New Years it's busy on Bali, peak season is usually between 23rd of Dec and 6th of Jan. Famous DJs fly in to entertain the crowds in the clubs during new year's Eve parties, hotels and restaurants offer all kinds of culinary packages and surprises. Accommodation prices are up. It's not a bad month to come here still, due to all the things that are happening end of year. The air is field with excitement and people from all over the world come here to have a great time, enjoy great food, and party with old and new friends.

You can usually expect in December some heavy rainfall if November was rather dry. That means the monsoon season sets in, which should have happened already in November. When it rains it is usually short and strong, it can last anywhere between a few minutes to a few days. Sea conditions are rough, it can be windy in the south and trash reaches the shores of Kuta, Seminyak up to Canggu (can last till February depending on the wind and currents.

Weather data for the month of December
Months max. Temp. Rain days Rainfall Season
Bali weather December 26.5°C 79°F 22 27.6 cm Rainy Season