Bali Videos

Bali is known to many, but only understood by a few.
On this page we would like to introduce to you some selected videos that allow you to grasp not only the beauty of this incredible island but also help you to understand it a bit more about this island, how the Balinese are deeply connected with their island.

Anyone visiting Bali leaves inevitable a footprint. What kind of footprint you will leave, will depend on your choices. Will you waste water, will you use plastic bags and straws, will you bargain real hard, will you stay in hotels that mistreat and exploit their employees and avoid paying taxes? Or will you - like so many of you before - fall in love with this island and its wonderful people, and then take choices that preserve natural resources, and support the Balinese and businesses that care not only for profits?
Following videos will show you, that Bali has much to offer, and much to lose, and that this island needs every visitor to be come part of the solution and not part of the problem of mass tourism.

Balinese - by Brandon Li

This beautiful Bali video will show you authentically the Balinese culture that is part of every Balinese' life. All rituals shown are performed regularly all over the island. The Balinese are proud of their cultural heritage, their families and religion. Visitors can often watch or even join festivals and ceremonies.

Harapan - Hope

By Marko Randelovic

SAWAH, Rice Paddies - by Marko Randelovic

Tourism and particularly mass tourism comes with many challenges. Although tourism creates jobs and prosperity on Bali on many levels, it also threatens natural resources and the Balinese way of life. To label tourism as either good or bad, is much too simplistic.

In this video Marko sheds a light, on how a rice farmer on Bali experiences the tourism development, and how his traditional way of life is threatened.

Rice field preservation on Bali is important, and not easy. We need to take into account, that many young Balinese do not want to follow the footsteps of their ancestors. The work is very hard, and income is very low. Farmers with smaller sized rice fields often live in poverty - also in the eyes of other Balinese.

Surfing on Bali

Surfing has been since decades one of the reasons Bali gained its reputation as a paradise. Surfers from all over the world can find waves that suit their skill level.

Real Balinese healers continue to use the ancient knowledge of their ancestors to treat people without expecting anything in return. By Marko Randelovic

Bali Children Foundation

The Indonesian island province of Bali is famous worldwide for its ancient culture, spectacular beach resorts, breathtaking landscapes that include steaming volcanoes, hectares of terraced, emerald green rice fields, tropical rainforests and the most warm and welcoming people. Idyllic in every sense. However, Bali’s remote rural communities have been heavily impacted by both man-made and natural disasters and many families are caught in the poverty trap with little or no income.

I Made Ada - Bali's Master Wood Carver

The master woodcarvers of Bali are striving to keep their unique craft alive for the next generation.

Postcard from Bali

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