Current Travel Restrictions for Bali & Indonesia

For the moment all foreign arrivals to Indonesia have been banned until further notice

Corona Travel bans and restrictions for Bali and Indonesia

Many countries all over the world are intensifying their efforts to stop the Corona Virus from spreading. Also Indonesia is on a daily basis reassessing which steps to take.

Coming to Bali and Indonesia:

Until further notice, President Jokowi has banned all foreign arrivals and transits. Only travelers with a valid working permit and diplomats are allowed to enter.

Returning home from Bali:

It is important that you inform yourself about any restrictions your home country might have applied. The chances are high, that until end of April more regulations (governments, airlines) will be implemented that might make your travel plans to get back home difficult.

List of Indonesian Embassies and Consulates abroad

Visa Regulations - Corona Impact - Emergency Stay Permit

Events like this or the eruption of the volcano and other "force majeure" naturally might force travelers to overstay, since visas in Indonesia are restricted. In such cases the Indonesian Immigration Authorities adjust their procedures and travelers can obtain an Emergency Stay Permit.

Indonesian Government has announced, that due to the corona incident, the VISA WILL BE GRANTED FOR FREE TO STRANDED TRAVELERS WHO ARRIVED AFTER 5TH FEBRUARY.

USUALLY, you will have to apply for it at the immigration office. If you arrived before the 5th Februrary, you can get help from our recommended Visa Agent in Bali, Mr. Yusak. Email:

Visa Implications - More Official News & Updates