Current Travel Restrictions for Bali & Indonesia

For the moment all foreign arrivals (tourism) to Indonesia have been banned until further notice.

However, Indonesia Immigration has given some exemptions for foreigner to enter Bali or other areas for several specific reasons, such as:

  1. Humanitarian activities
  2. Volunteering Activities
  3. Family reunion
  4. Business or Investment visit

Priority Visa Services

If you belong to none of the category mentioned above, but you need to be in Bali for an urgent matter, then a visa priority service can be your perfect option. We are strongly recommend that you use the services of an agent that you know well or have been recommended by friends. But if you are looking for a recommendation, we suggest you to choose Bali Visas - our official partner, Mr. Yusak (the owner) and his team will be able to help and assist you swiftly. (read more about the agent here).

Service includes:

– Company or Social foundation Sponsorship

– Sponsorship And Recommendation Letter

– Visa Approval/telex

– Approval Recommendation

This visa is active for 60 days and can be extended up to four times, each extension valid for 30 days. In total you will be able to stay up to six months.

*Cost: 8.000.000 IDR*

Exclude Extension fee 850.000 IDR and Visa Fee USD 50 at the Embassy.

Process only 1 to 3 working days

Documents required:

  1. Passports valid for at least 12 months at the date of entry
  2. Scanning of the main page of the passport Details
  3. Scanning of the page of the passport Cover
  4. Bank Statement
  5. Address in original country
  6. Address in Indonesia (hotel or villa)
  7. Personal contact details (phone number, WhatsApp number, email)
  8. Emergency contact details (family members)
  9. Nominate 1 Indonesian embassy overseas (for the visa application)

Must know:
  1. Please make sure that you contact the visa agent or immigration office ten days before your 60 days visa expired for the extension process.
  2. We strictly follow all the regulations published by the Immigration of Indonesian, if there will be another update in the future our partner will inform you through email or WhatsApp.  
  3. No refund for cancellation made during the process
  4. Refusal of the Telex application will be refunded 100%

The Process on Getting Priority Visa

If you decided to use our recommended visa agent, please mention these information on your email to
  1. Full name
  2. Purpose of visit
  3. Passport number
  4. Place and date of birth
  5. Address in your country
  6. Address in Bali-Indonesia
  7. Phone or WhatsApp number
  8. Valid email address
  9. Payment method (Choose between PayPal or Bank Transfer)

Telex Process
  • Telex process takes 1 – 3  working days after we receive the documents and the payment
  • After the telex is issued, we will send it to your contact details with the sponsorship letter.
  • Telex Validation 60 days
Visa Process At Indonesian Embassy
  • Please print out the telex and sponsorship letter once we send it to your contact details.
  • Contact the Indonesia embassy for more information supporting documents for the visa application.
  • Visit the embassy, With the completed form and Choose “Single Entry Business VISA B211A”, provide all the documents required telex, sponsorship letter and supporting documents that the embassy requested.
  • Indonesian embassy will process your visa; this process will take up to 7 – 10 working days
  • If Indonesian Embassy issues your visa, you will receive Visa sticker on your passport
  • And you will have 90 days to enter Indonesia, or your visa will be expired

Flying requirements

  1. Health Certificate From local authorities
  2. Travel or Health Insurance
  3. Before departure, please make sure that you have to take a SWAP OR PCR Covid-19 test and Certification
  4. Upon your arrival in Indonesia, immigration will ask your purpose to visit; you need to show your visa, telex, sponsorship, PCR/ swap test, travel insurance and tell the immigration that you plan for business purposes or investment purposes.
  5. Make online registration at and fill up the Health Alert Card/ HAC.
  6. If you can provide all the details and documents Immigration of Indonesia will give you 60 days single entry business visa stamp.
Please be noted, Bali-Indonesia currently constantly change their flying requirements, don't forget to double-check with your airline and Indonesia consulate or embassy in your country to find out the latest requirements.