Traditional Dances in Bali - Best Shows and Performances

The origin of Balinese dances was a beautiful offering created as a gift for the visiting deities during some particular events in temples. Good music, extravagant costumes and fine dancing moves are never failed to bring pleasures for both the Godly guest and the village audiences. At some events the performers are often to be possessed by the spirit and enter a state of trance while doing dancing. That is why the Bali dance is inseparable with the Hindu religion.

In the last few centuries, many kinds of traditional dances started to emerge and derived another version of sacred dances into a more secular forms. We can spot the semblance of sacred structures still there, but the prayer elements are removed. Another facts that we need to know, almost all Balinese performing arts are basically based on Hindu epic tales Ramayana and Mahabarata.

Every banjar (local community) has their own performing art group called sekaa with members in wide range of ages which in-charge of any art performing programme based on Bali Calendar event in their own banjar area. Best sekaa from all the regions are usually competing during an annual art festival to discover who is the best group of the year. All best sekaa later on will have a chance to perform weekly in a more prestigious venue, such as the stage in The Ubud Palace.

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