Top 10 Bali Villas

Private Villa - The ultimate holiday experience

We have handpicked for you the best and most suitable Private Bali Villas for families, events and romance. Our villa experts have visited and inspected all the properties and selected only the best villas. All villas come with private butler and personal chef.

kids friendly

Top 10 Family Villas

When you travel with your family and kids you want to be sure your accommodation is not less than perfect and offers you a safe haven.

Top 10 Family Villas


Top 10 Event Villas

To find a suitable villa for weddings, parties and celebrations is not easy. You need space and privacy. Check out our top10 list.

Top 10 Celebration Villas


Top 5 Romance Villas

Looking for romantic atmosphere, 100% privacy? Celebrating your honeymoon? Our top5 romantic villas on Bali are a perfect choice.

Top 5 Romance Villas

Enjoy utmost comfort and privacy without the restrictions

Don't miss out on the holiday of a lifetime. Villa vacations are not as costly as you might think; renting an entire villa for family or group of friends is about the same in price as renting several hotel rooms but far more comfortable.

No dress code, no sharing the pool with loud, leering strangers, no missed breakfast because you woke up too late, but friendly, 24 hour villa staff to cook you beautiful meals whenever you want, clean up your messy rooms every day and help you organise fun, exciting daytrips.
A villa gives you the complete holiday package with the unmatched attention and care of Balinese hospitality. Why settle for less?

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