Setia Dharma House of Mask and Puppets

Ubud | 80571 Ubud (Banjar Tengkulak Tengah)

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  • Culture & Art : Museum, Wayang Kulit
  • In the Air
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  • Exertion Level : easy
  • Indoor
  • We speak : Eng., Indon.
  • Suitable for : Individuals, Small Groups, Kids & Families, Large Groups / Outings

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  • Culture & Art:
    Museum, Wayang Kulit

Opening Hours

  • 01. Jan – 31. Dec

  • Mo-Su:
    09:00 - 16:00

Setia Dharma House of Mask and Puppets

The Houses of Masks and Puppets is a place where various kinds of masks and puppets from Bali and different regions in Indonesia have been collected, stored, and displayed for public since 2006. Hundreds of colourful and intriguing masks and shadow puppets from Bali and at least a dozen other parts of Indonesia are expertly displayed and well preserved. Completed with a tranquil tropical garden and nice small cafe in the museum area, make the visitors feel comfortable to spend an hour in this museum. And the location is really close with Goa Gajah (Gajah Cave) only about 5 minutes drive.

The beginning story of this museum started with the hobby of Mr. Prayitno, an art collector who focused on collecting various masks and puppets from all over Indonesia and even the world, which then met and finally worked together with Mr. Hadi Sunyoto, a businessman from Jakarta who also had the same hobby.

Until finally they decided to build this museum to showcase these two art enthusiasts collections, because their collections had swelled up to thousands of items. So in 1998 a Setia Darma Mask and Wayang House was built in Bali, on a quarter of a hectare piece of land. After the hunting of collections over the years, there are around 1200 masks and 6900 puppets, sculptures and puppets from all over Indonesia and several countries such as Malaysia, Japan, India, Japan, Mexico, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos and several countries on the continent Africa.

Setia Darma Museum is also equipped with an open stage for arts and cultural performances. This open stage is expected to accommodate around 500 spectators with view of rice fields. There is also a large hall that is usually used for music or drama events.



Setia Dharma House of Mask and Puppets
Area: Ubud
Jl. Tegal Bingin
80571 Ubud Bali

+62 +361 8987493

Setia Dharma House of Mask and Puppets