Belimbing Village

Tabanan | 82163 Pupuan

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Activity Type
  • Sightseeing : Rice Fields / Terraces, Traditional Villages, Lookouts & Nature
  • In the Air
Good to Know
  • Exertion Level : Easy to medium
  • Recomm. Length of Stay : 120min
  • Any Weather
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Main Activity Age Range : 0-60
  • We speak : Eng., Indon.
  • Suitable for : Individuals, Couples, Small Groups, Kids & Families, Large Groups / Outings
Prices & Regulations
  • Price Adults : USD2.00-USD5.00
  • Payment Options : Cash

Adult USD2.00-USD5.00

  • Sightseeing:
    Rice Fields / Terraces, Traditional Villages, Lookouts & Nature

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Belimbing Village

Belimbing Village is one of the tourism villages located in Pupuan district of Tabanan regency, precisely located at the foot of Mount Batukaru, the second highest volcano in Bali. This village is famous for the beautiful scenery of rice terraces that is similar with Jatiluwih area along with some coconut trees grow in paddy field area. Rice fields in Belimbing village are so very beautiful and natural, and not so touristy. If are into photography guaranteed this place is gonna be a heaven for you. The area of ​​rice field in Belimbing Village is approximately 460 hectares divided into six subak (local community in charge of water management in those rice fields): Subak Mas, Subak Gemuh, Subak Nyanglad, Subak Teben Telabah, Subak Duren Taluh, and Subak Suranadi.

Not only beautiful rice fields that we can find in Belimbing Village, here we can also find a sacred temple called Pura Luhur Mekori. The tourists are allowed to enter the area of the temple as long as accompanied by a tour guide or local residents who are serving at this temple. Another thing to consider for the visitors of the Temple is, those who are in a state of cuntaka / in a phase of menstruation for women visitors, or in mourning conditions.

Two beautiful waterfalls (singsing) can also be found in the village of Belimbing, with relatively easy trekking access to both waterfalls after some renovations which make visitors can reach the location more comfortably.

If you plan to stay longer in the village to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Belimbing village some hotels and stays are also available nearby the village, along with several restaurants and food stalls.



Belimbing Village
Area: Tabanan

82163 Pupuan Bali