Ogoh-Ogoh Museum Soka Beach

Tabanan | 82162 Selemadeg

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Ogoh-Ogoh Museum Soka Beach

Museum Ogoh-Ogoh located in the rest area of Soka Beach Tabanan and officially opened for public on 2013. In this museum, we will find a monstrous sculptural art masterpiece in Balinese culture depicting personality of Bhuta Kala ( the power of universe and time) that used to be carried around on the road by the locals when the Pengrupukan Day comes every year (a day before the Silent Day). Normally ogoh-ogoh will be burnt after the parade but some of them are kept in this museum.

A day before Nyepi known as Pengrupukan Feast, people in Bali always hold an ogoh-ogoh parade. Ogoh-ogoh is a giant statue made of bamboo, paper and other materials which then carried around in a parade around the village. After the parade ogoh-ogoh usually will be burned as local believe all the dark forces which trap inside the ogoh-ogoh need to be set on fire. But there are some ogoh-ogoh not burned but displayed in a museum.

One museum that displays ogoh-ogoh created by Balinese children is the Ogoh Ogoh Museum in Bali's Soka Tabanan Beach, which is commonly called the ogoh-ogoh Soka Indah Museum. There are dozens of ogoh-ogoh exhibited here. The establishment of the museum was initiated by Kooeswintoro, one of the education and tourism figures in Tabanan.

The reason why this museum exist is that we all know that after being paraded around the village, ogoh-ogoh will be burned, but to make ogoh-ogoh requires a lot of money, some even cost hundreds of millions of rupiah. To see this ogoh-ogoh foreign tourists are willing to come to Bali specifically just to see the ogoh-ogoh. Since it considered as a tourist attraction, this ogoh-ogoh that’s why this museum was built. Besides, the ogoh-ogoh museum is also expected to take part in preserving the noble art and culture values ​​that were inherited from the ancestors in the past.



Ogoh-Ogoh Museum Soka Beach
Area: Tabanan
Pantai Soka, Selemadeg, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82162
82162 Selemadeg Bali


Ogoh-Ogoh Museum Soka Beach