Bali Countryside Sidemen

Sidemen | (Banjar Kebon - Desa Sukahet Sari)

Adult USD35.00-USD68.00

  • On Land:
    Day-Trips & Tours, Trekking & Hiking
  • Sightseeing:
    Rice Fields / Terraces, Traditional Villages, Lookouts & Nature

Opening Hours

  • 01. Jan – 31. Dec

  • Mo-Su:
    08:00 - 04:00

Bali Countryside Sidemen

Bali Countryside is an eco-tourism resort located in Sidemen. We offer day tours to discover Balinese culture through workshops and outdoor activities such as trekking !



Bali Countryside Sidemen
Area: Sidemen
Jalan Raya Satrya Sidemen