Banah Cliff Point

Penida Island | 80771 Nusapenida

Activity Type
  • Sightseeing : Lookouts & Nature
  • In the Air
Good to Know
  • Exertion Level : medium to difficult
  • Recomm. Length of Stay : 45min
  • Outdoor
  • Main Activity Age Range : 12-60
  • We speak : Eng., Indon.
  • Suitable for : Individuals, Couples, Small Groups
  • What do I need to bring along : Comfortable safety shoes
    Water bottle
  • Sit-down Restaurant : need a car/scooter
  • Café / Coffee-Shop : need a car/scooter
  • Soft Drinks & Refreshments : need a car/scooter
  • Souvenir Shop : need a car/scooter
Parking & Location
  • Parking - Onsite : pay
  • Parking - Bus/Coach : pay
  • Parking - Nearby : pay
Prices & Regulations
  • Price Adults : USD0.00-USD0.00
  • Payment Options : Cash

Adult USD0.00-USD0.00

  • Sightseeing:
    Lookouts & Nature

Opening Hours

open 24h/7
It's a cliff area with access to the beach that open 24 hours. However for your safety, we recommend you to visit during the day and avoid to visit at night time.

Banah Cliff Point

Banah Cliff is another view point at Nusa Penida that well known for its limestone arch view sits out in front of this tall cliff, the road to reach this place may you find harder than other places but the view from the top is absolutely amazing and if you are lucky you can also spot manta rays from this cliff.



Banah Cliff Point
Area: Penida Island
Unnamed Road, Batumadeg, Nusapenida, Klungkung Regency, Bali 80771
80771 Nusapenida Bali