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Primordial Museum Bali

Primordial Museum is located at Gilimanuk Village, Jembrana Regency. This museum holds various collections of ancient objects from pre-historic period, estimated at the iron ages ranged from 600 BC to 800 AD, the collection is like a pot, stone jewelry, crock, bronze, jugs, bowls, taxes, the sarcophagus (coffin) and various graves. Here also stored fossils from primordial humans found in Gilimanuk region.

The museum was built by the former Jembrana Regency, in collaboration with the National Archeological Research and Development Center from Jakarta and the Denpasar Archeology Center, then officially opened in 1990.

This museum aims to preserve the results of archaeological excavations at Gilimanuk area, which was initiated by Prof. Dr. R. P. Soejono in 1963 and still continued until a few years ago. Based on the results of this excavation we can conclude that Gilimanuk was once a necropolis area (a settlement or fishing settlement which also became a burial place for a population), which developed during the metal ages, around 2000 years ago, away before influence from India started to arrive in Bali. It turned out this site was very rich in cultural heritage as evidenced by the abundant relics, such as hundreds of ancient human skeletons (children, men and women) buried, along with other objects like pots, bronze items (plaques, bracelets, rings), wooden bracelets, glass bracelets, and others.Another interesting item successfully found at the area include hundreds of ornate pots (some were plain) are found here together with two large jars arranged stacked on top of each other as graves. Other burial containers (sarcophagi) were also found side by side in an ancient cemetery area.

Based on the results of paleoanthropological research, it can be seen that the ancient human Gilimanuk was an Austromelanesoid race with strong influenced of Mongoloid characteristics. The death in this area was generally caused by hypercalcemia, a condition in which the calcium level in blood is above normal. temporomandibular disorder or TMD and bone fragility disorder. It shows that the health conditions of the Gilimanuk population were not good with the average mortality rate at the age of 21-30 years. Here were also found remnants of ancient animals that once lived with around the primordial Gilimanuk fishing community, such as the bones of pigs, dogs, fowls, bats and many others.

To give complete pictures of Gilimanuk's primordial human life, in this Museum also displayed numbers of daily equipment replicas of the older days in Bali, such as stone tools from the hunting period and also farming period.



Primordial Museum Bali
Area: Gilimanuk
Jl. Rajawali, Gilimanuk, Melaya, Kabupaten Jembrana, Bali 82252
82252 Melaya Bali