Museum Seni Batuan

Gianyar | 80582 Sukawati

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Museum Seni Batuan

Located nearby Sukawati Market, Museum Seni Batuan is a private museum. It has 3 buildings and presents painting from all families of artists of Batuan village. There are more than 800 collections of painting crafted by the local artist since 1930's. This museum has been officially operated since 2012.

Batuan is actually a name of a village in Sukawati-Gianyar, which famous with its unique style of painting called "Batuan-style painting". The Batuan paintings have specific characteristics such as: describing a specific moment like the atmosphere of the night, the proportions and anatomy of humans and animals are described naively, simple and full with decorative elements, using unusual perspective, such as a perspective of a flying bird, so that the object as if seen from above, packed with many compositions. Themes like wayang stories, folklore and the lives of Balinese people were commonly used by Batuan painter. On 1930s many internationals tourist who were happened to be artists were also gave a lot of influences to the local artists, it was when the Modern Balinese painting era was started. On modern Batuan style, there were some improvement on some elements brought by two foreign painters on anatomy, perspective, and realistic proportions that were successfully accepted by the Batuan painters. All the modern influences then combined with decorative elements of traditional painting. But some Batuan artists were still using the old techniques, such as I Made Budi.



Museum Seni Batuan
Area: Gianyar
Batuan, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582
80582 Sukawati Bali