Batubulan Village

Gianyar | 80582 Sukawati

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  • Culture & Art : Traditional Dances
  • Sightseeing : Traditional Villages
  • In the Air
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  • Exertion Level : Easy to medium
  • Recomm. Length of Stay : 60min
  • Outdoor
  • We speak : Eng., Indon.
  • Suitable for : Individuals, Couples, Small Groups, Kids & Families, Large Groups / Outings
Prices & Regulations
  • Price Adults : USD2.00-USD5.00
  • Payment Options : Cash

Adult USD2.00-USD5.00

  • Culture & Art:
    Traditional Dances
  • Sightseeing:
    Traditional Villages

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Batubulan Village

Desa Batubulan (Moonstone) is one of the villages in Gianyar region that has been known for its fine produce of paras stone carvings. When you enter Jalan raya Batubulan, you will find many carving shops by the side of the road.

Men in the village are usually working in groups, to copy in stones what their ancestors carved at the past, or it could be just created based on customers requests. Beside stone carving, Batubulan is also known for the beautiful Barong and Keris dance held in a public stage in the village.



Batubulan Village
Area: Gianyar

80582 Sukawati Bali