Batuan Village

Gianyar | 80582 Sukawati

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  • Sightseeing : Traditional Villages
  • In the Air
Good to Know
  • Exertion Level : Easy to medium
  • Recomm. Length of Stay : 60min
  • Outdoor
  • Main Activity Age Range : 10-70
  • We speak : Eng., Indon.
  • Suitable for : Individuals, Couples, Small Groups, Kids & Families, Large Groups / Outings
Prices & Regulations
  • Price Adults : USD2.00-USD3.00
  • Price Child : USD1.00-USD2.00
  • Payment Options : Cash

Adult USD2.00-USD3.00

  • Sightseeing:
    Traditional Villages

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Batuan Village

Batuan Village is one of the villages located in Gianyar Regency. This village stretches from north to south with an area of ​​± 410 ha which includes: rice fields, farms and traditional residential area.

There were many famous Balinese artists born From Sebatu Village, such as:
1. Performing arts: I Wayan Kalkul, Anak Agung Gde Raka, Made Jimat, I Wayan Office and I Wayan Ruju.
2. Sculpture: I Wayan Rata, I Wayan Regug, I Ketut Tongkok and I Made Muji.
3. Painting: Ida Bagus Made Wija, Ida Bagus Togog, I Ngendon and I Made Jata.

Some of the unique potentials of Sebatu village in terms of art include several types of dances such as:

1. Gambuh Dance which considered as one of the classical Balinese dances created on 15th century based on the storytale of "Panji". Gambuh theater show covers multiple elements of sound art, drama and dance art, fine arts, literary arts, and others.



Batuan Village
Area: Gianyar

80582 Sukawati Bali