Surfing in Bali


Bali is a surfer's paradise since the 1930ies!

Bali should be on every surfer’s to-do list, whether you are a beginner looking to try wave-riding through your first surf lesson, a skilled surfer hoping to get barreled at one of Bali’s legendary spots, or a pro hoping to test your tube-riding skills and airs while riding the world’s most perfect waves.

Surfing has been one of the major attractions of Bali since decades. And Kuta is where it all begun. The first surfer in Bali, and therefore in Indonesia for that matter was the American expatriate named Robert Koke, as early as 1938.
While working as a photographer he had learned how to surf in Hawaii. He came to Bali for the first time in 1936 with his wife, Louise, and fell in love with the place. They later decided to return and settle down. They built a surfside hotel at Kuta Beach which started this incredible development over more than 8 decades now. They named it the Kuta Beach Hotel. In December 1938 he received a few Waikiki-style surf boards which he ordered from the US and reportedly caught the first waves.
Koke was quoted in an article in the Fortune magazine "One day when we were exploring the island on our hired bicycles, we pedalled through a coconut grove and came out on the most beautiful beach in the world: clear surf, lapping miles of white sand, fringed with palms, and no trace of human habitation as far as the eye could see."

Surf Schools in Bali

If you want to ride your first wave but don’t know where to start, then you should try to get a help from the surf schools. Guided privately by pros and experienced instructors, guarantee will get you steady on board in no time. Busy beaches like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu and Sanur are the most highly concentrated area of surf schools in Bali.

In surf schools you will be taught the basic knowledges on how to engage with the wave safely, balance yourself on board, duck dive, turtle rock, including some important rules and etiquettes that you shouldn’t miss. Some surf schools will provide all the equipments and tools you need to surf. Surf board, wet suit, boardshorts, and safety guards, you don’t need to worry about all these. Neptune Surf Schools, Surf Discovery, UP2U and Solid Surf House are the best surf schools in Bali that we recommend you in order to get the best surfing experience in Bali. Not only will help you to conquer the wave, but they will also make sure you are always safe and sound.

Best Surf Schools in Bali

Neptune Surf Coaching

Neptune Surf Coaching

At Neptune's you can take a class as you desired. Either you want to learn in a private sessions, group sessions with friends and family or advance training for those who are looking to improve their PRO skills. Footage sessions and analysis, surf board hire and treatments are also available here.

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Surf Discovery
Surf Discovery Bali

Surf Discovery

Surfing Schools that runs by Russian professional athletes who regularly renew their ASI certification. Providing a strategically camp nearby to training spot, photo shooting sessions, and surf yoga a new kind of relaxation program developed by our teachers.

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UP2U Surf School Bali

UP2U Surf School Bali

Listed as #1 surf school in Bali on Trip Advisor, guarantee you will have the best Bali surfing experience with us. UP2U crews are experienced and professional coaches who understand full range of surfing to help you improve your skill at any stage.

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Solid Surf House
Solid Surf House Canggu

Solid Surf House

Solid Surf House is a surf camp located at the heart of new Bali sensational area Canggu and equipped with exclusive facilities like jacuzzi and swimming pool. Our professional and well trained instructors will take you to the top surfing spots in the island based on your experience level.

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Paddling out to Surf

The Best Surf Spots

The west coast of the island and Bukit peninsula are the places to be in the dry season, when the biggest swells hit Bali.

  • Mellow beach breaks are on offer in Kuta and Seminyak
  • High performance waves can be found around Canggu and Kuta Reef
  • Massive left-hand barrels are routine at Bingin, Padang Padang, and Uluwatu
  • During the wet season, the swell mellows a bit and winds change direction, making the east coast a better option
  • In the east, the high performance wave of Keramas and the long, heavy right-handers of Nusa Dua await

List of Surf Spots in Bali

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Beginner or Experienced Surfer?

Surfing Packages

Travelers who want to try surfing for the first time or more advanced surfers with a limited amount of time will appreciate hiring a surf guide, staying at a surf camp, or getting a surfing package through an agency. These approaches will help you take advantage of local knowledge and find conditions that suit your skill level. Most packages come with a driver who will make sure you get to the right place at the right time, maximizing your surf session.


For tourists who are less serious and just want to have a go, boards can be rented at most of the places suitable to beginners. Make sure to ask around if you are not sure what the waves are like. Bali has great spots for learners, but many of the more advanced breaks have dangerous currents, sharp coral reef bottoms, and locals who are impatient with learners. The perfect spot is out there for you, so just ask around and find it.


For experienced surfers who have more time, Bali is a great place to strike out on your own. Kuta has more surf stores per kilometer than anywhere else on the planet and well-stocked surf shops are available in all major centers around the island, offering tail pads, leashes, wax, and surf gear from all the major brands. Prices are more affordable than in many other countries. If you need to have your board fixed, Bali’s ding specialists will do it quick, perfectly, and at a very low price. It’s easy to rent a motorbike with a surf rack and strike out on your own or with new friends. Whatever your surfing needs, Bali will meet them. Waves are available almost every day of the year, so grab your board and get out there!

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