Elephant Cave

Ubud | 80511 Gianyar

Good to Know
  • Sightseeing Type : , UNESCO World Heritage
  • Suggested Duration : 45min
  • Exertion Level : Easy to medium

Location: Ubud

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Elephant Cave

Elephant Cave is a man made cave built as a sanctuary around the 9th century. At this cave complex there are Hindu and Buddha temples that normally visited by the locals during some religious festivals or just any day when they feel they want to pray. It has been recorded as one of the world cultural heritage since 1995. This place is renown with the gate of the cave that crafted on the stone that looks scary and menacing, it was meant to intimidate the evil spirits to get in. There is also beautiful garden with big trees at the back area of the temples, with small waterfalls that gives a natural sounds of water flowing.



Elephant Cave
Area: Ubud
Desa Bedulu, Kecamatan Blahbatu, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali.
80511 Gianyar Bali