Monday Movie night at the Beach by Karma Beachclub

Karma Beach Club

IDR 550K

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IDR 100K

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Exch. Rate: 1USD ca. IDR 14500.00
K = 1,000

Experience the ultimate movie night at Karma Beach Club, starting with a kids-friendly movie at 6:45 followed by a grown-up suitable movie at 9:00. Movie tickets includes delicious snacks like flavored popcorn for all, milkshake, french fries, beef-slider and marshmallows for the kids and satay, pizza, chocolate mousse, antipasto or sushi for the grownups. Get settled in a bean bag, put your feet in the sand and enjoy a movie night under the stars.

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Further Information on Pricing:
Parents ticket (2 people) is 550,000++ Rupiah, child ticket is 100,000++ Rupiah