Bikram Yoga Express Class

Jiwa Bikram Yoga
Duration: 60min
Exertion Level: medium
Age Limit: 99

IDR 150K

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Exch. Rate: 1USD ca. IDR 14500.00
K = 1,000

Join this powerful Bikram HotYoga Express class and work every part of the body inside out. This class will cover all 26 + 2 Bikram Asanas and strengthen you both physically and mentally. You will leave each class with a new feeling of well being as you start to experience all the health benefits Bikram yoga has to offer.

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  • 60 min HotYoga Class
Important good-to-know facts
  • Rental: Towels Rp. 20,000 and Mats Rp. 10,000
  • All levels welcome
  • Classes start on time
  • New students arrive 10-15mins before class to register and receive a briefing
  • Please let us know if you are pregnant, have existing injuries or are on any medication
  • Remove make up, jewellery, perfume and scented oils.
  • The only items you need in the yoga room are your mat, towel and your water.
  • Refrain from talking in the yoga room, many students use this time before class to meditate and centre themselves

Further Information on Pricing:
Any second class on the same day is FREE. KTP 20% Discount on all prices. KITAS Holders receive 20% discount on 3 month pass