Scuba Diving Guide to Bali

Diving in Bali

If you wish to explore some world class diving, then Bali should definitely be on your travel agenda. Bali offers a very attractive mix of incredible dive sites, excellent diving infrastructure, and value-for-money accommodation and food.

We have listed for you the scuba diving centers that offer everything from PADI & SSI certificates, dive trips and overnight safaris. Our map and facts about the top 30 dive sites will allow you to get a good idea about where to expect what. On our Bali diving guide page we offer you information about weather conditions, the seasons, and how to work the tides when you are a diver.

Dive Courses & Trips

Scuba Diving Centers

Comprehensive list of Scuba Schools and Centers providing professional services, Padi & SSI Courses, Dive Safaris, snorkelling trips.

List of Scuba Diving Centers

Where to Dive

Best Dive Sites

Overview, map location and core facts about marine life and coral of Bali's top 30 dive sites and locations. Classified into beginners, intermediate and advanced dive sites.

Dive Sites Map and Facts

Good to Know

Must Know Tips

The essential good-to-know facts about scuba diving on Bali: Best season to dive, weather facts, what to expect, tide conditions... .

Scuba Diving Info

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