Going Out in Bali

Bali Eating out

Want to eat, drink, and be merry?

Whatever your preference for food, drink or nightlife entertainment, on the Island of Bali you will be certain find it. That's no exaggeration!
On Bali, whatever your budget food or drink, the prices will always be substantially cheaper than those in Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia etc. You can enjoy a deliciously fresh Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) for $1 or dine in one of the finest restaurants spending $100 for a 7 course meal. The choice is yours! Be assured, the value for money will be mind-blowing.

Bali's nightlife reputation is legendary and over the past two decades many upbeat clubs, lounges, bars and pubs have opened, promising to satisfy each of your wildest wishes and desires. The southern part of Bali is where most of the action is happening, with the Northern and Eastern side offering more of a quite & relaxing environment.

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs on Bali


Restaurants, Dine & Wine

There are thousands of restaurants in Bali where top local and international cuisine can be found, especially in Kuta and Seminyak on the South side of the Island and in the rice-field surrounded Ubud.

Visitors from all over the world have been mesmerized by Bali’s charm and decided to stay; setting up restaurants that offer excellent food from their own countries in an unique local style. Bali’s longstanding reputation for food has meant that the best Balinese and Indonesian chefs from the archipelago have migrated to the island to win the hearts of the diners.

There are ample fine dining restaurants managed by the best international chefs in the business, many in 5-star hotels, which allow you to endulge in the finest food and wines you can imagine. More and more organic vegetarian, vegan and rawfood eating spots can be found all over Bali, serving tasty meals to health lovers from all over the world. Many located in and around Ubud.

List of Restaurants


Cafés & Coffee Shops

Cafés in Bali offer the most aromatic coffees one could wish for. Indonesia’s rich volcanic climate, has made it one of the most respected coffee producers in the world. Equipped with international roasting techniques, Bali is able to meet the preference of all coffee drinkers.

There are countless cozy and wonderfully designed cafés and coffee shops all over Bali where you can meet people form all over the world, read  a book, have a snack or pastry, or surf away the internet.

You can blend in with locals at a streetside warung kopi and enjoy a scalding cup of black, sweet local coffee, or recline in comfort with an espresso, latte macchiatto, or cappuccino at one of the island’s many local coffee shops or funky little diners.

Starbucks and other international coffee shop brands have arrived on Bali and can be found in the main tourist areas and bigger malls of Bali, serving what they are famous for.

List of International & local Coffee Shops


Fastfood & Burgers

Many well-known US fast food chains such as McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Wendy's, Burger King, etc have a presence on Bali. You can be sure to find them on the busy streets of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak along with the many modern and stylish malls and department stores. Some very interesting international brands coming from Taiwan, Japan and Korea are opening fast food restaurants here on Bali, additionally some local brands have entered the Balinese market, serving the many Indonesian tourists as well as the international tourist.

Fast Food Restaurants


Bars & Lounges

Bali’s bars and pubs are unparalleled. Watch the sun set into the Indian Ocean with a cocktail crafted by renowned mixologists, or just enjoy an icy cold Bintang beer in a well-worn beach chair. Jump into the Kuta party life and bar hop through the streets of Poppies and Legian, or relax in an elegant ambiance in Seminyak and let the world’s best DJs supply the tunes in one of the stylish lounges. Chat with other travelers and expats with a mug of draught beer in a homey pub or enjoy the breeze on a swanky rooftop bar with a glass of tasty wine. The choice is yours!

List of Bars & Lounges

Clubs & Party

Clubs, Nightlife & Party

The island’s party scene starts late, and there is no set closing time, implying that, if you want to go out, you can stay out until sunrise. Clubs come in all shapes and sizes, from the most refined to the most hedonistic. The Kuta clubbing scene is the oldest, attracting a younger crowd who are up for anything, while farther north, the clubs of Seminyak offer the finest atmospheres, world-class sound systems, talented bartenders and exceptional DJs who make sure that your nighttime experience is an unforgettable one. Ubud and Sanur are famous for going to sleep early, yet still have a number of live music venues that stay up into the night, often focusing on jazz and traditional sounds. Live music is common around Bali, and the island has a thriving and ever-changing scene of talented local bands, as well as the occasional international show.

List of Clubs & Party Places

Grilled corn from Street vendor Bali

Street Food in Bali

Street Food and eating in one of the small warung is something you should not miss out on. It's not only cheap but authentic and really tasty. Most Indonesians - rich or poor - eat regularly if not daily in one of those places. Don't miss to at least try it once.

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