Penida Marine Protection Area MPA

The Zones

  • Core zones (closed to all fishing and other activities)
  • Traditional fisheries zones (for local access and use only)
  • Marine tourism zones and special arrangement zones (closed to all fishing and other activities, but open for divers and snorkelers)
  • Sacred zones (protected for cultural importance)
  • Seaweed farming zones (for aquaculture)
  • Harbor zones (for shipping)

Protecting a Tropical Marine Paradise

The Nusa Penida MPA covers an area of of 20,057 hectares around Nusa Penida and two smaller neighboring islan ds, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. The area is host to 296 species of coral and 576 species of reef fish, including five species previously unknown to science.
In 2008, the area was identified as a site with a high livelihood dependency on marine resources and was recognized as a critical area for marine biodiversity through a Rapid Ecological Assessment (REA). Two years later, the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area (MPA) was established as a marine park with the twin aims to safeguard the island’s waters and to sustain the island’s communities. Nearly 48,000 people in 56 traditional villages and sub-villages live on Nusa Penida and its two neighboring islands.

Those living along the coastline all depend on fisheries, seaweed farming, and marine tourism as their main sources of income. Inland, there is also agriculture and animal raising. Due to its unusual riches, and through the commitment of the Klungkung District Government, the MPA has become renowned throughout the Coral Triangle region. It is one of the highest ranked for management effectiveness in Indonesia (at Level 3 based on the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries MPA effectiveness assessment ranking). In 2013, it received a government award for both management effectiveness and as an exemplary site for promoting a Blue Economy.
The Nusa Penida MPA is managed under the District Government of Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia.

MPA Zoning Penida

The Nusa Penida MPA was declared as a protected area in 2014 by the Klungkung District and the Indonesia Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. The objective for the Nusa Penida MPA and the MPA zoning system is to protect the marine biodiversity of the area, while sustaining fisheries, marine tourism, and the welfare of local communities.

The Nusa Penida MPA Management Unit, supported by the Indonesian Navy, Indonesian Police and CTC conducts regular joint patrols in the MPA to ensure zoning regulation compliance. Resource use monitoring studies are also undertaken regularly to assess compliance with the zoning system.