Some traditional markets change their operational hours and closed due to Covid-19 outbreak, 30 Mar

Local authorities in Bali are starting to do some adjustment on the way of providing services for the public. Some regions in Bali have followed the advisory published by The Minister of Home Affairs, Republic of Indonesia in letter with number 440/2436/SJ/2020, regarding the prevention of Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in the local community.

For example the mayor of Denpasar, IB Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra who has already published an advisory letter with number 434/574/DKIS/2020 dated March 26th, 2020. In this letter the major advises all the people in Denpasar to limit their activity outside the house, especially in terms of doing grocery shopping by moving to use online shopping services. This measure is expected to be able to minimize the number of crowds as a part of Social and Physical Distancing practices in public places like traditional markets and grocery stores. Furthermore, hopefully near in the future all the people in Denpasar are also expected to get comfortable in using e-money. This is very important as money (bank notes) are considered to have become one of the biggest media spread of the virus. 

Several traditional markets in Denpasar starts from today March 30th are accessible via Go-Shop feature in Go-Jek app. "Starting tomorrow, the markets will be available via online on Gojek (GoShop, feature) on Badung Market, Kumbasari, Gunung Agung, Kereneng, Ketapean, Satria, Sanglah, Pidada, Anyar Sari, Cokroaminoto, and Abiantimbul," added the local authority IB Kompyang Wiranata on Sunday March 29.

Here are the new operational hours of some affected traditional markets in Denpasar and other areas:

  1. Cokroaminoto Afternoon Market opens at 1.00pm, closes at 9:00pm
  2. Cokroaminoto Night Market opens at 1.00am and closes at 8.00am
  3. Gunung Agung Fish Market opens at 1:00am and closes at 6:00 am
  4. Kumbasari Market, opens twice a day, night opens at 5:00pm, closes at 9:00pm; While in the morning opens at 1.00am and closes at 8.00am
  5. Asoka Market opens at 2.00pm and closes at 9:00pm
  6. Night market at Sayan (near Ubud) closed for a week, while the morning market remained operating as usual.
  7. Some restaurants in Gianyar are still allowed to open their business from 6:00am - 9:00pm and suggested for take-away only, no dine-in services for temporary.

Other regions in Bali are expected to follow this advisory soon, please take your part in this movement by start doing online shopping and stay at home until further notice informed by the government.