Updated Numbers of Corona Infections in Bali, March, 17th 2020

Coronavirus: Numbers of Infections in Bali, March, 17th 2020

The COVID-19 Prevention Task Force on behalf The Provincial Government of Bali has updated the numbers of suspected patients of COVID-19 on the island.

As per Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 78 people have been tested and treated.
"Out of the 78 who have been treated until now, 24 people are still in the hospital. Means 53 have been sent home, they are tested negative and all in healthy condition. So, no one is carrying a disease," said  the Chairman of the COVID-19 Task Force.
According to Dewa Indra, not all of the 24 remaining patients at the hospital were seriously ill, all of them are waiting for the results of lab tests from the National Health Research and Development Agency, the Indonesian Ministry of Health. If the results turn out to be negative and the patients no longer need intensive care, then they will be sent home immediately. Dewa Made Indra stated there is only 1 case confirmed positive infected by the virus, known as “the case number 25” a tourist who had died on March, 11th 2020 at Sanglah General Hospital.

Furthermore, when asked regarding the costs of health care, Dewa Indra added all the patients who were treated at Sanglah Hospital, Sanjiwani Hospital, Gianyar, Singaraja Hospital and Tabanan Hospital are funded by the central government through Ministry of Health.

This information was announced during a press conference at Jayasabha, Denpasar.