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Visa Regulations Update

In June 2015 the government of Indonesia has updated the rules and regulations ; in total now 45 countries have been granted free entry into Indonesia.

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No Visa Exemption for Australia

26th Jan 2015

The government of Indonesia has updated its plans from November 2014 to waive the Visa on Arrival Fee for Australia, China, South Korea, Japan and Russia.

Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Indroyono Soesilo announced that Indonesia will only proceed with the visa free policy for Japan, South Korea, China, and Russia. And not for Australian citizens. He said: "It's simply because Australia does not implement a similar policy to almost all countries."
The first visa exemption to be implemented: Japan, with Russia, South Korea, and China to follow within a few months (April to May 2015). Indonesian immigration officials were in talks with the other 5 countries during the last months to finalize matching Visa policies for Indonesian Citizens traveling abroad.

Visitors from these five countries can visit Indonesia with a visa on arrival (VoA) without having to apply for a visa first in their home country. But tourist particularly from Australia were hoping that the current costs of 35US$ for a 30days VoA would be a memory of the past.

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Visa Exemption for 5 countries starting Jan 15?

4th Jan 2015

So far the announced waiver of Visa on Arrival fee for Australia, S.Korea, Russia, Japan and China is NOT IMPLEMENTED.

6. Nov.2014

With the aim to boost the number of foreign tourists, the tourism ministry of Indonesia plans to waive visa requirements starting January 2015 for visitors from

  • Australia
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Russia

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Indonesian Immigration Office Announcement

3. July 2014

The immigration office of Indonesia increased several fees effective 3rd of July 2014, including fees for visa on arrival (VoA)

Spokesman Heriyanto announced that the price for the 30 day Visa on Arrival increased from US$25 to US$35.

Most tourists on Bali arrive with a Visa on Arrival (VoA). Increasing the fees just before high season will effect hundreds of thousands of visitors on Bali alone within the next few months.

"Exit Tax"
In April 2014, Angkasa Pura, the government body operating the airports in Indonesia increased the airport exit tax from 150.000 to 200.000 IDR (international departure).

This fee is not an exit visa like some call it. You do not need a visa to exit Indonesia, it is not bound to any origin of passport. Everybody pays the same fee.

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