Multiple Entry Visa Bali, Indonesia

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Get your Multiple Entry Visa for Bali

Similar to the Multiple Business Visa, the Multiple Entry Visa is a great way to come to Bali often and stay each time up to to 60 days. Process, costs and validity etc is exactly the same to the Business Visa, you are just not allowed to do any business related things here in Indonesia with the Multiple Entry Visa.
It's purely for visit and tourist purpose.

You can apply for it abroad already, yet this is a bit more complicated and the process, documents needed etc. depend on the country you live in. Because the visa in any case, like the social visa and multiple business visa, is collected in an embassy or consulate outside of Indonesia, you would need to collect the visa in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or any other country of your choice (Singapore is best option).

How to get a Multiple Entry Visa in Bali

Get in touch with local visa agent (we recommend "Dewata Profesional" -
Hand over following documents
  • Scanned passport (first two pages)
  • Copy of bank statement of your private bank account (not older than 90 days, and must show at least 2000USD)
  • Information on where you wish to collect the visa
  • Pay the Immigration fee and agent fee
The agent will then process the application for you, which takes up to 14 business days here in Bali. You will receive from the agent a confirmation document per email. This document is needed to collect the visa abroad.

Contact Details for Visa Agent


Immigration Office Fee: IDR 3,000,000 (ca. USD 230)

Visa Agent Fee: IDR 750,000 (ca. USD 58)

Inquiry / Order Entry Business Visa: Send Mail to

Good to Know

Because it is necessary to collect the visa outside of Indonesia, you need to choose already beforehand the Indonesian embassy or consulate, where you wish to pick up your visa. Once the agent has processed your documents and the application, the immigration will issue a "telex" confirmation. The agent will send this to you by email. You take this document and your passport, which needs to be valid for at least 18 months, and go to the embassy or consulate outside Indonesia to apply for the visa. Singapore is usually the best option.

The process, after you handed in the telex and the passport to the embassy, takes usually additionally 4-6 days. In Singapore however, there are agents that can organise a one day express service, which costs around 260SGD (ca 190USD). If you do not intend to spend 4 nights in a Singaporean hotel and go for sightseeing, this express service is the cheaper option.

It is not uncommon, that people take the earliest flight from Bali to Singapore and the last one back the same day. They bring their passport and the telex with them. Go to the city and meet the Singaporean agent in a hotel Lobby. Hand over the documents and the agent fee. Then go for some shopping or sightseeing. Just after 4pm the agent will bring back the passport with the visa. Return flight after 7pm. Back to Bali 10pm. All in one day

 A single stay can be up to 60 days, after that you need to leave the country, but can re-enter even the same day.
Beside the costs for your flight and maybe the hotel abroad if you do not get an one day express service in Singapore.