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Dive Trips Locations in Indonesia

  • Raja Ampat
  • Banda Sea - Raja Ampat
  • Biodiversity cruise
  • East Flores - Alor
  • Family diving cruise
  • Whale-Macro cruise
  • Komodo
  • Special Snorkel Cruise

Join the Cruise of a life time

The Pindito, the only liveaboard dive boat operating in Indonesia with over 20 years of experience!

Explore areas that will stun you with their breathtaking beauty. Dive and snorkel each day coral reefs of the Indonesian archipelago, that are some of the best in the world. Watch dolphins and whales passing by, while you are cruising the sea. Relax in the luxury of teakwood-paneled cabins, enjoy fantastic food and free drinks. The all-inclusive packages will make you forget the world and leave you with an impression, that you will never forget.

Edi Frommenwiler, the owner of the Pindito, adventurer and true pioneer in this region, crafted each tour combining his knowledge of cruising these waters for more than 2 decades and his experience of thousands of dives. The MV Pindito's crew is unmatched for its diving knowledge and experience in Indonesia and you will visit the best dive spots you can imagine.

Nature at its best

Whatever liveaboard dive safari you will join with this magnificent vessel, you will explore and experience a nature, that will fascinate you deeply. The open deep blue sea, incredible beaches and bays, coastlines of intense beauty and of course all the wonders of the oceans await you. Highly skilled and experienced dive masters will guide and accompany you to see the creatures of the sea, from the small to the very big.

The Pindito will take you to spectacular dive sites and coral reefs and you can dive or snorkel up to four times a day. The sea is always warm in this tropical paradise. To list all the underwater species you will encounter during your dives will fill a book - definitely your logbook.


Dive Safaris Indonesia, Komodo, Raja Ampat

Meet the Dragon

Liveaboard Komodo

The dive sites here offer an incredible variety of dives, which makes this cruise so special. Marvel at one day at a leisurely dive, the rarest creatures in the macro range, and the next day drift with manta rays and large schools of fish. You can find over 1,000 species of fish in these waters, 260 species of reef corals, 70 different sponges, 17 species of whales and dolphins and two species of sea turtles.

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West Papua

Liveaboard Raja Ampat

The word "fantastic" summarizes the region "Raja Ampat" well. Photo-and videographers find the best opportunities to create macro shots at its finest. But also wide-angle shots of the beautiful reef life are recommended. There are countless dive sites, all with different characters. The attentive viewer can find all sorts of "macro-animals" in crevices and on terraces of steep walls. "Raja Ampat" is also a Mecca for lovers of pygmy seahorses.

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East Flores - Alor

Liveaboard Flores

During your dives along this exciting new route you can expect to see incredible underwater biodiversity. Nutrient rich waters bring in pelagics: Sunfish (mola-mola), thresher sharks, hammerhead sharks, humpback whales, and even marlin and sailfish. Further, the many protected pristine reefs provide a perfect home for smaller colorful creatures and up to 1,000 species of coral reef fishes and 500 species of corals.

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Explore further

More Tours & Cruises

Depending on the Season, the Pindito offers several more dive safaris within the Indonesian Archipelago.
Banda Sea (Raja Ampat), Biodiversity Tour, Whale Macro Tour, Special Snorkeling Cruise, Family Diving Cruise and more. Edi and his team will keep exploring this beautiful region and invite you to join a journey of your lifetime.

Pindito Dive Safaris


  • Full board including all drinks on board (excluding wine): early bird breakfast, breakfast, lunch, afternoon cake, dinner. Water, soft drinks, beer, coffee, tea, juices
  • Air-conditioned accommodation in a double or twin bed cabin with en-suite private shower, toilet
  • 3 dives per diving day and one dawn or night-dive (no diving on departure/arrival day)
  • NITROX fillings for whole cruise
  • Multilingual guides on board
  • All offered land excursions
  • Transfer from/to local airport to/from the MV Pindito
  • towels

A "don't worry we will take care of everything package"

The beauty of a liveaboard experience with the Pindito is, that you will be taken care of by a wonderful crew, that has the experience, heart and skills to make sure you don't have to worry about anything and that you are safe.

A crew of 16 staff members will cook for you, serve your meals, make your bedroom, prepare your dive gear and carry it to the dinghy, guide and watch over you during your diving and snorkeling trips. There is literally nothing you have to worry about, but to enjoy the wonders of the nature around and below you.

Not included: National Park fees (ca. USD 20 per day) if applicable. Tips for the crew (recommended).

Stunningly Beautiful

The Pindito chooses the dive sites and places for anchoring carefully based on the season, weather conditions, making sure, that each day you will be mor in awe of the wonders you will encounter.

Final Itinerary

Pindito puts great importance to plan the best possible tour for their guest. When planning the route, many factors play an important role. The most important factor is the weather. Since there can be storms in the tropics at any time, Pindito might change routes and itineraries at short notice.

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Swiss Quality

The Pindito is fully Swiss owned, managed and operated.

Although there is a very relaxed, friendly and casual atmosphere onboard of the Pindito, there are a few things the guides, captain and crew are taking very seriously:

Quality of service, safety and environmental protection are Edi Frommwieler's primary concern. This is how Pindito has built up its impeccable reputation since more than 20 years and keeps its standard high.