Mitra Bali Fair Trade

Ubud | 80571 Ubud (Lod Sema)

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  • Founding year : 1993
  • Name of Founder : Agung Alit
  • We accept Donations (Money)
  • We accept Donations (Goods)
  • Volenteers welcome
  • Our Mission : To empower a large group of handicraft producers
  • Type of Yayasan Work : Orang Bali, Balinese Art & Culture
Mission: To empower a large group of handicraft producers

Mitra Bali Fair Trade

Since 1993, Mitra Bali has been actively participating in Bali’s economic and social development by working to empower a large group of handicraft producers. One of Bali’s great sources of potential are the skilled hands its citizens that create bountiful quantities of crafts and souvenirs for the tourists, who traverse the rich and beautiful soil of this island. World-renowned male and female craft producers alike contribute greatly to the development of Bali’s tourist industry. The presence and contribution of the tourists, who purchase these products, has lead to a growing number of work opportunities for the brothers and sisters, relatives, families and neighbors in the villages of craft producers, who have suffered from the prolonged crisis in Bali.



Mitra Bali Fair Trade
Daerah: Ubud
Jl. Gunung Abang
80571 Ubud Bali

+62 361 295010
+62 361 295616
Mitra Bali Fair Trade

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