Visa on Arrival Extension (VoA)

List of Visas and Extension Possibilities

How to get an Extension for Visa on Arrival

You would not be the first visitor, that decided to stay longer in Bali than planned, and is in need of a VoA extension.

Usually it is done with the help of an agent. You can use the agent we have chosen to recommend for this service.

Immigration Fee: IDR 800,000 plus

Visa Agent Fee: IDR 350,000

Total: IDR 1,150,000

Inquiry / Order your extension service: Send Mail to

1USD ca. IDR 14,000, 1AUD ca. IDR 10,000

Process to obtain Visa on Arrival extension

This one is pretty easy and straight forward, with the assist of an agent. You do not need to leave Indonesia for this. It's advised to initiate the process at least 7-10 days before your Visa on Arrival runs out. In case it's more on short notice the agent could give an express service, which would come with an surcharge. The process takes 2 weeks.

  • get in touch with agent (email:
  • meet agent and hand over your passport
  • pay the immigration and service fee (IDR 600,000 + IDR 350,000)
  • agent will be in touch with you and tell you when you can come and meet him at the immigration office (Jl. D.I. Pandjaitan No. 3, Renon, Denpasar)
  • meet agent at the office and process the visa extension, take pictures and finger prints; (agent will be there to assist), usually takes 3h

Send Mail to and book your agent appointment