Social Visa Bali, Indonesia

List of Visas and Extension Options

If you have already entered Bali with a social visa you can get a social visa extension.

Social Visa - Cultural Visa & Sponsor Letter

Many of our visitors ask us: How can I stay longer in Bali than 30 days, legally, and what are the costs. Because for many travelers, particularly the once coming to Bali, the 30 days free entry "stamp" is simply too short.

One way to be able to stay longer in Indonesia is to apply for a social visa (social cultural visa B-211). With this social visa (social and cultural visa) you can enter Indonesia once, and stay up to 60 days. And, it can be extended while you are here in Bali, or anywhere else in Indonesia 3 times (each extension is valid for 30 days).
The most critical part for this social visa is, that you would need a sponsor letter from an Indonesian citizen living here in Indonesia. Without that, you cannot obtain a social - cultural visa.

On this page you will find all the information you need if you consider to apply for a social visa in your home country, even if you do not know anybody in Indonesia. You can order the necessary sponsorship letter online through the Visa Consultant.

Note: for following countries a sponsor letter cannot be issued: 1. Afghanistan / 2. Guinea / 3. Israel / 4. North Korea / 5. Cameroon / 6. Liberia / 7. Niger / 8. Nigeria / 9. Pakistan / 10. Somalia. The agent here in Bali can only help with processing a Calling Visa, where the costs go up to 8,000USD. Otherwise citizens will have to go through the standard process via the Indonesian embassy abroad.

Cost for Sponsor Letter

There is no fixed fee that all agencies share, because it's a service provided by a private company, the price can vary. The fee to get sponsor letter online via Bali Visas is:

Fee: IDR 1,250,000 (ca. USD 90)

Inquiry / Order sponsor letter: Send Mail to

The actual fee for the visa is payable to the consulate / embassy that you choose the apply to, preferably in your home country. Please check directly with them about costs and application procedure.

How to get Sponsor Letter for Bali online?

If you do not know an Indonesian citizen who can issue a sponsor letter for you, you have the option to get a sponsor letter for your social visa application with the help of an visa agent. We recommend the  visa consultant agency "PT Putra Nadi Wibawa - Dewata Profesional".

If you want to order your sponsor letter, please send following information per email  to

  • When do you want to travel to Bali, Indonesia
  • Which embassy/consulate abroad you want to pick up the visa
  • Scanned Copy of passport (first double page) (min. valid 12months!)
  • Your details and home address
  • Address you intend to stay in Bali (Hotel Name)
  • Address and details Emergency Contact Person (family member)
The visa agent will provide following service:

  • issue a sponsor letter based on your details
  • register the letter with the immigration in Bali and get a telex confirmation
  • send you the telex copy to you per email which you can use for your social visa application

How it works

  • Get a sponsor letter from Indonesian Citizen (can be obtained from a visa agent online - see below)
  • With sponsor letter (or proof of sponsor letter) apply for Social Visa BEFORE coming to Bali with embassy in your home country
  • Fees and process depends on your country of origin, check with embassy beforehand
  • Visa will be obtained from a consulate/embassy outside of Indonesia
  • You can stay 60 days
  • Can be extended while you are in Indonesia (30 days)

Your local Visa Agency - apply online!

Details of Visa Agency:
Before we chose a company we could recommend to you, we have checked thoroughly the services and clients' feedback from several agencies providing visa consultancy service and selected:

Bali Visas

Mr. Yusak

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 70,

Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara,

Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

They have an excellent track record, are reliable, and get the job done. If you are interested in getting your social visa, but have nobody in Indonesia who can sponsor you, you can use their service via email and online, without the need to come to Indonesia beforehand or know personally an Indonesian citizen.

Send an email to with the above information and initiate step one from the flow chart below. You will get a reply from Mr. Yusak within 24h with a quotation and a feedback if anything is missing.
You can then still decide whether you want to process the application and sponsor letter with the help of Mr. Yusak and his team, or not. Once you have paid the service fee and sent the data that is needed, the sponsor letter will be processed and registered at immigration, and will will get a copy within 7 woking days per email.


Collecting the Visa in Singapore

To collect the final Social Visa you need to collect it at an embassy or consulate abroad. Many travellers use Singapore for this purpose if they are traveling Asia for a longer period or decide to stay longer in Bali than anticipated. Singapore offers now a 1 day (not same day) service for SGD 75. Visa Agents in Singapore can speed this up to same day service at a price of around SGD 250 (can and should be negotiated).