Social Visa Extension

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If you are in Bali (or Indonesia) and your social visa is running out, you can actually apply for an extension. Although this can be done personally at the immigration office in Bali, it's not an easy process if you are not familiar with this country and could take several days and multiple visits before it's done.

It is advisable to therefore work with a local Visa Agent, who can help you with this process. It's more comfortable and you only have to go there once. The rest is done by the agent. Fees are very reasonable.

The agency we recommend (see social visa details) can assist you.

Harga Social Visa Extension

Immigration Fee: IDR 800,000

Visa Agent Fee: IDR 350,000* (when agent was also sponsor first time)

*Visa Agent Fee: IDR 500,000 when you work with this agent for the first time

Inquiry / Order your extension: Send Mail to

1USD ca. IDR 14,000  |  1AUD ca. IDR 10,000

How can I extend my social visa with the help of an agent?

  • get in touch with the same agent that helped you to get the initial social visa, then only the original passport is needed
  • if you go with a new agent, you would also change the sponsor letter. Then documents and information  as  needed in the initial application and the original passport
  • You do not need to leave Indonesia
  • meet the agent, hand over document(s) and pay immigration fee and service fee
  • Agent will handle the application & registration and let you know once it's done (takes 2 weeks)
  • after 2 weeks you will go once to the immigration office, take finger prints, pictures, (agent will be there to assist and then the visa will be issued
  • You can stay another 30days
  • Social visa can be extended 3 times (same process)

Good to Know

  • passport needs to be valid 12 months
  • your extension will be valid 30 days
  • a social visa can be extended 3 times in total without having to leave the country
  • 2nd and 3rd extension surcharge of IDR 200,000 applies
  • Make sure passport has empty pages for the visa
  • process takes 14 days

Documents needed for social Visa Extension

  • physical passport (agent will pick it up)

...if you have not yet worked with this agent (new sponsor letter process)

  • address in home country
  • address in Indonesia (hotel etc)
  • emergency contact person (family members)
The service of the agent includes:
  • register meet you to pick up passport, documents and payment
  •  application at immigration office
  • if needed, issue new sponsor letter
  • communicate with you about process
  • meet you at immigration office and assist you the day you need to process the extension