Royal Enfield baru di Bali

Ride a Legacy

For over 117 years now, Royal Enfield has been making the world’s most resilient and simple motorcycles since 1901. Defined by a purpose called pure motorcycling, the Royal Enfield machines offer an unhurried and uncomplicated riding experience that lets the riders explore the world around in one’s own pace. Royal Enfield motorcycles have rode across a range of conditions and terrain.

While in Bali, we recommend indulgence with the nature, while riding a century old legacy.

Built around timelessness, craftsmanship and an unadulterated love for riding, our motorcycles have been crafted with impeccable attention to detail. We invite all visitors to experience our ode to the love of motorcycling and everything associated with it.


Helmets for riders and pillion
Tanked up
Extensive quality check
Unlimited mileage

Paket 1

Duration Half Day (8 hours)
Classic 500, Bullet 500, Continental GT - IDR 550,000
Classic 350: IDR 350,000

Paket 2

Duration Full Day (24 hrs)
Classic 500, Bullet 500, Continental GT - IDR 800,000
Classic 350 - IDR 650,000

Duration 1 week
Classic 500, Bullet 500, Continental GT - IDR 5,250,000
Classic 350: IDR 3,850,000

Retro Street

Classic 350 & 500

In the Classic, our heritage and time-worn resilience go places stylishly. A choice of old world colours, retro post-war styling and our signature gold line aren't the only reasons behind the Classic's cult appeal. With high torque at low revs, it makes your commute or a ride uphill effortless.

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Standard Street

Bullet 500

It is the standard bearer of our 117 years in motorcycling and our longest running marque in continuous production. In service for British forces in the World War I and a mainstay of the Indian Armed Forces, its distinctive engine and imposing presence have been in tune with our philosophy of pure motorcycling from decade to decade.

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The Café Racer

Continental GT

It's a machine with a story, a nod to motorcycling's finest hour; a painstaking collaboration. It is also the best expression yet of a cultural phenomenon that has simply refused to fade away - the Cafe Racer.

Continental GT

Royal Enfield

Jl. Sunset Road, No. 27, Kuta-Badung,
Bali 80361, Indones​​ia
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