Going out on Bali

Whatever your preference for food, drink or nightlife entertainment, on the Island of the Gods you will be certain to find it. That's no exaggeration!
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    Daerah: Padang Bai

    jenis: Restoran, Café, Bar
    Makanan: Sa., Ma., Ma., Sn., Ba.
    Kita berbahasa: Ingr., Indon.

    Jenis masakan: Indonesia, Internasional, Asia Fusion
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    Makanan USD3.50-USD12.00
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    Daerah: Padang Bai

    jenis: Restoran
    Makanan: Larut Malam
    Kita berbahasa: Indon., Ingr.

    Jenis masakan: Indonesia, Internasional

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