Dog Meat Trade in Bali

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Dear friends of Bali,

in response to the latest outcry in the media about cruel treatment of dogs and the trade of their meat, we want to assure you, that and its team members is supporting individuals and organisations on the island, that work hard to help make the necessary changes in the mindset of traders and consumers. We strongly condemn those practices.

Globally, animals are mistreated on a massive scale. In US, the Beagles Freedom Project ( reported, more than 70,000 dogs used every year for chemical lab testing. Just days ago whales and dolphins have again been slaughtered in Faroe. Those atrocities are difficult to understand and inflicted on animals from people all over the world.

But luckily in today's connected world, there are ways, each of us can indeed help, as consumers and with financial support. We are not powerless.

One way to help stop this atrocious dog trade in Bali, is to donate to a wonderful NGO called "BAWA, Bali Animal Welfare Association", who are doing an incredible job for more than 10 years.

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Our personal View:
We do believe, that any form of meat consumption, in any country, comes most likely at the cost of severe mistreatment of animals. These animals are perfectly capable of experiencing pain and fear, as much as dogs.

Scientists discover more and more evidence, that many animal species that are bred and slaughtered for meat consumption, are not as “numb and dumb” as we would like to believe.

The moment we put our dear steak on the grill, we do support an industry that is hiding the truth about what is going on behind closed “farm-doors”, very smartly. The mass production of meat in the developing world, is, in its extent, level of cruelty, and negative impact on the entire world, hard to grasp.
Our team members actually do not eat meat at all. But this is of course a personal choice.

Our View on Animal Welfare and the entertainment industry.

Let’s work together to make Bali, and the world a better place!

Thank you!

Michael Strobel
Founder & Director