Bali Video dan Photo

Bali Video dan Foto

Bali is very diverse. It is not one of the holiday destinations like the Bahamas, that were deliberately created by tourism managers and real estate developers. It's a real place, with real people and also real challenges.
Although Bali has seen drastic changes over the last decades that came with mass tourism and an ever growing population, that is now reaching 4 million people, it still remains incredibly beautiful, interesting and diverse. It is still quite easy to travel off the beaten tracks and experience an island deeply, that has captured the heart and imagination of millions of people.

Our selected videos and pictures give you a little glimpse about Bali, the Island of Gods.


Bali Video

Enjoy some of the best videos about Bali, capturing the heart and soul of this incredibly beautiful island. Film Makers like Brandon Lee and Marko Randelovic allow you to get close and experience the Bali off the beaten track.

Surfing is but one of the highlights for many when coming to Bali. Watch the acclaimed gopro clip from one of the surfers on Bali, sharing his view on life, and his love for the island.



Foto Foto

Our small selection of pictures in our Flickr account give you a good idea about the diversity of Bali, that is all yours to explore, when coming to the Island of Gods.

It's not just about beaches, sunsets, and ricefields - although yes, Bali is famous for those. But do not miss the vibrant Hindu Culture with their colorful rituals, or the highlands of the volcanoes.