Harga USD 30-50

  • Layanan:
    Back Massage, Hot Stone, Lomi Lomi, Lulur, Aroma Terapi, Scrubs,

Jam Buka

  • 01. Jan – 31. Dec

  • Sen-Ju:
    09:00 - 21:00
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Kalangan Spa

Kalangan is a traditional village located on the outskirts of Ubud, which is the celebrated centre of art and culture on the spiritual island of Bali. The term Kalangan means stage, a place where graceful dancer and talented musicians perform to entertain the local community. This form of artistry is considered a colorful pastime that enables the audience to relax and simply forget about the daily routine of maintaining a rural existence.



Kalangan Spa
Daerah: Ubud
Jalan Raya Sanggingan