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Good to know
  • Beach access : by Foot, Sepeda Motor, Mobil
  • Busy : low
  • Drinks & Snacks
  • Pantai atau Surfing Lokasi : Tempat Surf
  • Pantai / Pasir : Pasir Hitam
  • Kondisi Laut : berbahaya
  • Panjang : 1 km
  • Bersi : alam
  • Dasar Laut : Cobblestone
Tempat Surfing
  • Restaurant nearby
  • Surfing (* - ****) : 4****
Daerah: Gianyar
Nama lain:
Kondisi Laut: berbahaya

Keramas Beach

Keramas is world famous beach for surfing and not much else. It can, however, be quite picturesque. The ocean, which comes in hard over a slab of sharp lava reef, brings round black cobblestones up onto the beach, and local people can often be seen collecting these for sale. This is also a place where duck farmers take their ducks out for a walk. Other than that, the only action here is in the surf.

Keramas is attracting surfers from the time that the sun rises. Its reputation as one of the world's best high-performance waves means a very competitive level of surfing in the water. Non-surfers can watch from the warungs lining the beach, which offer basic food and drinks at low prices. A small hotel with a pool development has just been completed and more may be on the way, but for now, this beach is relatively deserted. Be aware that it is dangerous to swim here.