Pantai Pasir Putih

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Good to know
  • Nama lain : Virgin or White Sand Beach
  • Beach access : by Foot, Sepeda Motor
  • Busy : low
  • Mata Hari : Matahari Terbit
  • Snorkeling
  • Lifeguard : none
  • Beach Chair Rental
  • Drinks & Snacks
  • Pantai atau Surfing Lokasi : Pantai
  • Pantai / Pasir : Pasir Putih
  • Kondisi Laut : aman
  • Panjang : 3 km
  • Bersi : bersih
  • Dasar Laut : Pasir
Daerah: Candidasa
Nama lain: Virgin or White Sand Beach
Kondisi Laut: aman

Pantai Pasir Putih

The secluded coast of Pantai Pasir Putih goes by different names: Perasi beach, Virgin beach and of course the direct translation of Pantai Pasir Putih: White Sand Beach. This quiet, hidden beach used to be reserved only for traditional fisher boats called junkungs but is now an idyllic place for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. It is located between the two hills of the villages Bugbug and Perasi, both located in the Karangasem regency and about 4.5km east of Candidasa.

When you get near the Perasi village, you will see several informal signs with "Pantai Pasir Putih" or "White Sand Beach". The road to the beach is rather bumpy so people prefer to park near the temple and walk the 1 km to the beach.

There are kiosks selling fresh coconut water from the shell and several small simple restaurants serving delicious fresh seafood and juices.