Visa untuk Pakistani - Sponsor Letter

Sponsor Letter untuk orang Pakistan

As stated above, to apply for a Tourist Visa for Bali, Indonesia, you will usually need among other documents (passport, photos, etc) also a sponsorship letter.
if you do not know an Indonesian citizen who would be willing to sponsor for you a local visa agency in Bali can arrange this for you.

You will have to provide following documents:

- full page passport scan
- scan of nationality ID CARD
- bank statement with min $2000
- travel insurance copy
- address in home country
- address in Bali (hotel/villa)
- personal phone number
- emergency contact person

Sponsorship fee:
IDR 2.500.000

TELEX fee (process at immigration):
IDR 2.500.000

Visa Agent Service Fee:
IDR 2.000.000

Total of IDR 7.000.000 can be paid via paypal to the agent (ca. USD 520) After you have received the sponsor letter you will have to apply for the tourist visa at an Indonesian embassy or consulate outside of Indonesia.

Additional costs might apply. Please make sure you get in touch with the embassy / consulate first, to clarify the process and documents needed.