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Bali is unique when it comes to the sheer number of great hotels and resorts you can choose from. In our hotel partner listing you will find not only 5000+ properties listed, but also incredible prices, hot deals with a best price guarantee. You can book or reserve online and get instant confirmation usually credit card is charged upon check in. However, with that number of hotels and resorts, hundreds of villas to choose from, picking the right accommodation is not easy. Below you find helpful suggestions that will make choosing a suitable hotel or resort easier for you.
Don't jump right away into the hotel listing. Take a view minutes to go through the different areas, to figure out where you should stay and for how long. This will save you time, bad surprises, and most likely also money.

If you compare prices, always make sure you compare final prices. Some booking systems do promote a seemingly cheaper price but add the usual taxes and services charges at the end (up to 21%), just before payment. So you might end up paying even more.

Bali Hotel Listing

The Essentials

We strongly suggest you get familiar with the main areas of Bali FIRST. This short article will help you to understand the regions

1. What do you wish to experience. Have a look at some of the things to do on Bali. Julia Roberts had to visit three countries to Eat, Pray, Love. On Bali there is eat, pray, love everywhere plus surf, shop, relax, indulge, dive, party, meditate... . Find out what interests you.

2. How many days you wish to stay, and are you willing to change hotels sometimes. Bali is relatively small and the areas are so interestingly different that one can easily move places in a day while doing some nice sightseeing on the way to the new hotel.

3. What is your budget per night, roughly. Don't worry you will always find something at great value for money. You can stay simple for US$30-60, in medium range hotels US$70-150 (already very good), luxury hotels and resorts US$150-3000. Seminyak is more expensive than Kuta, Ubud is medium ranged, so is Sanur. The north, north-east, Lembongan are still cheaper than the rest.

4. Hotel, Resort or Villa. Bali's Luxury villas are breathtaking and if you compare room rates with 5 star resorts, they offer incredible value for money. Perfect for families with kids, and groups.  Great locations, Impeccable designs, incredible service. Our list: Best villas Bali has to offer

Where to Stay on Bali

Hotel Booking System

We have chosen our Bali Hotel Booking Partner carefully - and we tested many! The very small commission we get if you book through us does not add to your bill and is almost same for all of the partners out there, so this did not influence our choice. But, we wanted great prices for you, a large variety, a 100% trustworthy and reliable reservation system. And, we wanted our hotel partner to offer great ways to filter the hotel listings and an easy to use interface. This will certainly help you to get through the loooong list of hotels, resorts and villas.


  • you get instant confirmation, no booking fees
  • many free cancellation offers
  • best price guaranty
  • credit card is in most cases charged in the hotel and not beforehand (select in the currency drop-down "hotel's currency" to be certain about the charges)
  • the prices shown are very often inclusive, which most other hotel portals do not do. So others or listings in price-comparing websites seem cheaper at first but not in the end.
  • Hotels feed their same prices into multiple booking sites anyhow.

Bali Hotel Listing

Important Tips - Smart Filtering is Important

Narrowing down the best choices based on your preferences, budget and interests is the key - particularly for Bali. To avoid missing great opportunities we suggest you took note of the few suggestions we mentioned above.

The map view is at the end the most powerful tool for you when you are working with a booking website, once you are a bit familiar with the the main areas (essential!!). With the map you can easily navigate, click on the icons (hotels) that interest you, without having to filter for the areas specifically.

Hotel Location, location, location

Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak are all quite large areas, staying in a hotel Seminyak can mean a lot of things. Zoom in the map! But be aware: Looking at a hotel that is located near the coastline could make you believe it's just a short walk to the beach. But roads are tricky here on Bali. Zoom the map and look at the roads closely, that will give you a clearer picture on what to expect and whether you can reach the beach easily or not.

  • The default location setting is Bali for our hotel listing.
  • Select one of your preferred areas; simply type additionally Seminyak, Ubud, Lembongan, Amed...or skip this step if you are familiar with the locations (then use the map to zoom)
  • Use the price per night filter
  • Property type filter is very helpful: hotels, resorts, villas are essentially different
  • Optionally, go for the reviews in the "sort by" bar. We all know ratings are a great help but not the ultimate source of wisdom.
  • Don't get dazzled by the hotel names. A hotel with Seminyak in the name might not exactly be in Seminyak - or just "at the edge of Seminyak". Kuta Centre is also not at the Beach! (also here, the map view helps!). And, a hotel that is called Royal Area X, might not be royal at all and quite far out of areaX
  • Main roads are usually busy (and loud) during the day - and often during the nights, avoid staying near them if you can or choose a room not facing the street.
  • Have a look at the number of rooms of a hotel, to get a feeling for the size of the property and the number of fellow guests you might share your breakfast buffet with
  • Clicking the heart symbol with save you a selected hotel in a watch list which is helpful too

Bali Hotel Listing