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Dive Site Facts
  • Main Dive Region : Nusa Penida
  • Difficulty : Advanced
  • Type of Dive : Exploration
  • Access : Boat
  • Sealife (* to ****) : 2**
  • Depth : 10-30 m
  • Current : None, easy
  • Water Temp. (avg) from : 20 C
  • Water Temp. (avg) to : 29 C
  • Visibility (avg) : 15 m
  • Big Fish : Manta, Sharks
  • Terrain : Coral Reef, Sand, Rock
  • Contour : Slope

Dive Region: Nusa Penida
Level: Advanced
Big Fish: Manta, Sharks
CTC Code of Conduct

Scuba Operators

Manta Point 1

Mantas, Mantas and Mantas! What a magical dive spot indeed.

Meet the Mantas!

Manta Point is the perfect place to see the majestic big mantas flying around your head. Inside of a protected bay you can watch mantas resting on big rocks where plenty of cleaner fishes are pitching into them.Always respect the rules and code of ethics the dive guides will share with you before getting into the water.

Fauna & Flora

Abundant plant cover of leathery corals and sponges. Of course, the manta ray. Sting ray, nurse shark, different slugs