Malibu Point

Penida Island |

Dive Site Facts
  • Main Dive Region : Nusa Penida
  • Difficulty : Intermediate
  • Type of Dive : Drift Dive, Deep Dive
  • Access : Shore
  • Sealife (* to ****) : 3***
  • Depth : 10-40 m
  • Current : easy
  • Water Temp. (avg) from : 18 C
  • Water Temp. (avg) to : 29 C
  • Visibility (avg) : 20 m
  • Big Fish : Tuna, Mola Mola, Manta, Morays, Sharks
  • Terrain : Coral Reef, Sand, Rock
  • Contour : Slope

Dive Region: Nusa Penida
Level: Intermediate
Big Fish: Tuna, Mola Mola, Manta, Morays, Sharks
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Scuba Operators

Malibu Point

You want to dive with the big ones? Here you can! Lots of sharks, tunas and rays are waiting for you. Good place to meet Mola Molas!

Mola Molas, sharks and much more!

Malibu Point is one of the best dive sites in Bali with the widest variety of sharks - blacktip reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks and treasure sharks, even sometimes whale sharks. In the season between July and September, when the water becomes cooler, Mola Mola can be spotted around Malibu Point.

Fauna & Flora

Hard and soft corals, a great deal of whip corals. Dog tooth tuna, jack, rainbow runner, mola mola, manta ray, moray eel, different shark species.