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Dive Site Facts
  • Main Dive Region : East Bali
  • Difficulty : Intermediate
  • Type of Dive : Exploration, Wreck
  • Access : Boat, Shore
  • Sealife (* to ****) : 4****
  • Depth : 5-27 m
  • Current : None
  • Water Temp. (avg) from : 27 C
  • Water Temp. (avg) to : 29 C
  • Visibility (avg) : 15 m
  • Big Fish : Sharks, Turtles, Reef Sharks
  • Terrain : Coral Reef, Sand, Rubble
  • Contour : Slope

Dive Region: East Bali
Level: Intermediate
Big Fish: Sharks, Turtles, Reef Sharks
CTC Code of Conduct

Scuba Operators

Tanjung Jepun

An outstanding diversity of sea life is waiting for you. Explore an artificial reef, a small wreck.

Great place for night diving

Tanjung Jepun is a good spot for night dives and macro observation. The diversity of the marine life is stunning, so don't forget your camera. A lot of blue spotted sting rays are swimming around. There is also an artificial reef and a small wreck to explore.

Fauna & Flora

Hard and soft corals, artificial reef. Coral cat shark, filefish, porcupine fish, nudibranchs, sea moth, slipper lobster, trigger fish, reef sharks, ghost pipe fish, sting rays, turtle, crocodile fish, frogfish.