Balinese Culture Guide

The Core Foundation of Bali and the Balinese

The Balinese culture and Hindu customs are probably are affecting almost every aspect of life on the island. The unique mix between Hindu-Dharma and domestic customs has lead to a vast variety of art and a long tradition of artists and masters. Masterpieces of art can easily be found in every corner of Bali. Bali's culture can still be felt everywhere; from museums to hotel lobbies and of course, the temples, where Balinese honor their ancestors and the spirit world, and perform religious rituals based on the ancient Balinese calendar. People wearing their ceremonial attires is a common sight.

The majestic musical performances and traditional dance shows have also become one of the must-does in Bali - for very good reasons. In a way, whatever Balinese do within the broad idea of culture is connected to the concept of being connected with gods and deities, ancestors and honoring their role in the cosmos. That passion and that conviction created incredible artists - local and some international.

Explore Bali's Culture

Bali Museum Guide
Bali Museum Guide

Museums in Bali

Dive into the history, culture and art of Bali and Indonesia. And what better place to do that than in one of the Bali museums

Bali Museums Guide

Witness authentic Bali dances
Magical dance performances

Traditional Dance Shows

Balinese Gamelan music, extravagant costumes, and fine dancing will leave a lasting impact on you. Visiting one of the shows is definitely a must-do when in Bali.

Bali Traditional Dance Show

Sacred atmosphere of Bali temples
The best temples in Bali

Temples in Bali

Temples in Bali are the residence of deities, and there are more than 20.000 of them in Bali. Normally there are at least 3 public temples within each village.

Temples in Bali

Traditional vilages in Bali
Authentic Bali villages

Traditional Villages

Since 2013, Bali Government runs a program to establish and promote traditional villages as an alternative for the already well-known tourism attractions. Panglipuran Village is one of the shining examples of this program

Traditional Villages Bali

Aesthetic Bali arts
Bali Arts & Handicrafts

Arts and Handicrafts

Balinese art is a religiously inspired expression and is part of fulling the obligations to the deities. Stone, wood, silver are the most common materials that are turned into masterpieces.

Art & Handicraft

Interesting Facts
Fascinating history of Bali

History & Balinese People

The historical background of Bali is rather interesting since today it is the last remaining Hindu Island in Indonesia.

History of Bali

Unique in this World
The Balinese Hinduism

Balinese Hinduism

Balinese Hinduism is practiced by more than 80% of the population. The rituals and customs are kept alive even during the rise of globalism and mass tourism

Balinese Hinduism & Rituals

Beautiful and Meaningful
A meaningful design

Balinese Architecture

All traditional buildings in Bali are based on the principles of a sacred place. Palaces, Temples (pura) and traditional domestic houses.

Balinese Architecture

Ubud - still special

Art is all around in Ubud & Sukawati

In the early 1930s, quite a few foreignes visited Bali, especially Ubud. One of the contributing factors was the ability of Tjokorde Gede Agung Sukawati (King of Ubud at that time) to communicate in English and Dutch. His ability and also knowledge as a smart business man and negotiator lead to the development of Ubud as a touristic destination, as he commanded to build several home stays / hotels for tourists to stay in Ubud.
The development of Ubud tourism is also inseparable from the role of Raja Sukawati, brother of the King of Ubud who invited painting artist Walter Spies (a Russian-born German painter) to live and paint in Ubud. Through Walter Spies, Ubud has become a place to explore for foreign painters and artists. Spies works of art is well received by art lovers from all over the world and had a lasting impact also on painting styles of today's local artists.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many museums and painting galleries in Ubud, such as the Rudana, Arma, Blanco and Puri Lukisan Museum. Also, many of Bali's traditional dance performances are found in many corners of Ubud. Dozens of sakaa (dance groups) are performing traditional dances such as Legong Dance, Barong Dance, Kebyar Dance.


When the Majapahit kingdom that ruled over vast areas of Southeast Asia collapsed in the 15th century, there was a large migration of Javanese royals to Bali which eventually established the Gelgel kingdom in Klungkung region. One day, a prince from the Gelgel Klungkung kingdom, was wandering into the Sukawati village area to build his own castle, he was someone who had a high sense of art, so many Balinese artists from various regions were sent to the Sukawati area to help him to build the palace. After the building of the palace was over, many of the artists chose to live in Sukawati and didn’t want to go back to their place, therefore until now the Sukawati area is still known as one of the best centers of arts and culture in Bali.

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A Glimpse of Balinese Culture

A Glimpse of Balinese Culture

Bali Documentary Video

Bali Documentary Video

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