Cost of Travelling in Bali

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Great Value for Money

We get asked quite frequently what it costs to travel in Bali. And to be honest… There is of course not one answer. Yes, there are indicators that can give you an idea, but it truly depends on what your expectations are. What we can say for sure. Bali offers an incredible value for money in everything. It’s probably one of the best places when it comes to getting most out of your travel budget.

What we always advise travelers to do is, to define a budget they CAN AFFORD to spend and then look for the hotel and restaurants that match that price range. Because you can spend 1 USD for a decent meal or 70. You can get accommodation for 5 USD in a dorm or 3000 USD in a private 7 bedroom villa with a tennis court, fitness center, staff and several pools. At a minimum one can say that 30 USD a day for a backpacker is enough for basic accommodation, 3 meals (each 3 USD) and a few drinks. A scooter costs you roughly 4 USD per day. Alcohol and parties will break that budget though.

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Cost of Hotels, Resorts and Villas

What does it cost to stay in Bali in a hotel or villa?

Budget & Backpacking in Bali (Average USD 10-25 per night)

Guest Houses, home stays, Losmen and small hotels with no star rating can be found starting 10USD for a room. Some places offer bunk beds which might be even cheaper. But if you wish to stay in a private room with a private bathroom and AC then you will find a decent place for 20USD for sure. Bali is still visited by a lot of backpackers and youngsters traveling on a budget who often stay at the southern part of Bali, like Kuta, Bukit, also Canggu, and Padangbai which is in east Bali. There they can still find cheap accommodation with a simple breakfast.

Accommodation Cost: Mid-Range (Average USD 30-60 per night)

Majority of hotels in Bali are 3 star mid-range hotels. These hotels have been historically smaller and often family managed while nowadays international chains such as Swissbel, Accor and local chains like Grand mas and Aston push into the market with up to 100 rooms. Dozens of them opened up in the last 5 years catering to the ever growing number of Chinese tourists and also for the domestic market.
Those hotels are clean, come with a comfortable beds, AC, shower and most times provide a decent and affordable breakfast. Location wise they are mostly a bit further out where you would need a scooter or would have to walk 10min to the beach or more.

Accommodation Cost: Affordable Luxury (Average USD 70-150 per night)

Depending on the location and proximity to the beach this category of hotels ranges from 3 up to even 5 stars. Since also these hotels often provide different room categories you could get very different experiences and pay different prices in the same hotel. This segment is often booked by families and individual travelers (single, couples and groups) who have grown out of their backpacker phase.
Expect well appointed rooms, at least one restaurant, pool, nice gardens, good location, excellent service, tasty breakfast, and spacious rooms.

Accommodation Cost: Luxury & High-end (Average USD 150-350 per night)

The best of the best. Compared to other holiday destinations the high-end segment in Bali is still very “cheap”. And to be honest, in Bali you can find some of the best hotels in Asia if not in the world, where impeccable service is infused by Bali’s welcoming hospitality, and architecture and decor is inspirited by Bali’s artists and culture.
Of course, the world’s most famous and luxuries hotel chains run properties in Bali and the properties are stunning and world class. There are also several jewels that are created and managed by Balinese or local companies that are up there in the crown.

Good to know

Usually in Bali you pay for the hotel room and not per person. Single rooms rarely exist. Therefore traveling as a couple costs almost as much as traveling solo, excluding the breakfast. Expect to pay during mid and low season 30%-50% less for rooms and villas than during high season (Easter Holidays, end of July - beginning of September, Christmas and New Years). Location is one of the main defining factor for hotel and resort prices. In Bali it’s common that businesses (particularly accommodation and restaurants) add to the bill up to 21% (10% VAT and 5-11% service charge. Service charge is usually distributed among the staff members equally, since wages are rather low in Indonesia).

Costs for Private Villas in Bali

In the last 5 years or so, the segment of private villas has grown incredibly in Bali. Hundreds of properties have appeared in the market; some of them run professionally, some of them much less so. Those properties come in all sizes and shapes and also here, the key factor is location.
The main difference to staying in a hotel is your level of privacy and that you can get villas with up to 8 bedrooms, which are sometimes like renting your own small hotel with staff. If you are traveling in a group or with a family, renting a luxury villa is per room per night often cheaper than renting a few hotel rooms, which makes this segment really interesting if you are traveling with friends or family.

It’s hard to categorize private villas but you might be amazed how affordable a luxurious holiday can be. More often than not, those properties are not located near the beach or restaurants and you would need some form of transportation. But in Seminyak, Kerobokan and Canggu area, there are many villas very well located.
Some villas have a minimum stay, particularly during high season. Portals like airbnb charge a cleaning or booking fee. Several villa management companies are offering villas but you can also find those properties usually in portals like, etc.

Average Prices:

You can get a private 1 bedroom villa with a small pool starting USD 100-150. While the feeling of true luxury probably starts around 200USD per night.
Those villas are fully serviced, come with full amenities. The more luxurious ones come with a chef, and a team to take care of you of you during the day. Sometimes, the more rooms a villa has, the cheaper it gets per night per room. We suggest you browse through the listings and get inspired.
The most luxurious ones with 6-8 bedrooms can reach USD3,000-4,000 per night. But then you get a gym, games room, incredible pools, food to die for and maybe even a private tennis court, and of course you private chauffeur and car.


Many of the larger villas with rooms between 4-7 rooms are used for weddings. Bali is a favourite wedding location and several companies are specialised in arranging everything to make sure, the guests experience their dream wedding with friends and family.

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Cost of Food and Dinks in Bali

Budget & Backpacking (Average USD 1.5-2.5 per meal)

You can eat in local warungs (small restaurants) and street food stalls all over Bali. The food is actually really good, and also fresh. Hygiene has also improved drastically over the years, which has something to do with most people being able to afford d a fridge and freezer who run those places. Just use your common sense when you chose the place to eat in this price segment.
Also, these are the places, where most locals get their food, during lunch breaks or after work when they go out with friends and families. Balinese, all Indonesians actually, are foodies, they love to go out for a good meal and enjoy each others company. Instagram post included.

Mid-Range (Average USD 3-7 per meal)

Hundreds of restaurants if not thousands will serve great and tasty food in this segment all over Bali. That’s were most travelers eat out, and also the rising middle class of Balinese. Many of these places are also called warung, yet they are proper restaurants. In this segment you find find literally any cuisine, any style. What is so special in Bali, that many of these places are simply beautiful. Nicely decorated, unique in style and atmosphere, often with open air terraces and cozy lounges.
In the very touristic areas the mid-range restaurants can be slightly more expensive. Also the restaurants in the hotel are roughly 30-50% more expensive than what you can get outside of your hotel.

Higher end up to fine dining (Average USD 15–50 per meal)

In this segment(s) many restaurants are located in the 5 star resorts and hotels. Some of Asia’s best chefs work and live in Bali and gained their fame and reputation in this highly competitive market.

Cost of Drinks in Bali

Soft Drinks and water are quite cheap. Juices and Beer are reasonable. Wine and spirits can be quite expensive (due to local taxes). Smoothies and green juices are getting slightly expensive. In the normal restaurants prices for soft drinks are not so much more expensive than what you would pay in the convenience stores. Many star rated hotels however still mark up quite a bit. A 1.5ltr bottle of water will cost you around USD 0.5 in a convenient store.
Rule of thumb: Imported is always significantly more expensive compared to local products. e.g. Bintang beer vs. Corona or San Miguel.
Average prices in restaurants & bars *not hotels :

  • Soft Drinks such as coke, sprite (Average USD 0.7-1.5 bottle)
  • Beer (Average USD 2-4 per bottle)
  • Local wine (Average USD 3-5 per glass)
  • Imported wine (Average USD 5-10 per glass)
  • Cocktails (Average USD 5-10 per glass)
  • Spirits (Average USD 4-10 per glass)

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Transportation Cost in Bali

Depending on where you stay and how far you need to travel to get to the beach, shops or restaurants the transportation costs per day can of course vary quite a bit. Choosing the location for your accommodation and therefore the method of transportation should be your main concern when planning your holiday. Since Bali is not very “pedestrian friendly” due to lack of sidewalks, the heat and far distances.

Bicycle Rental (Average USD 2-4 per day)
Not very common but a god way to get around in Ubud, Canggu and the more remote areas

Scooter/ Motor bikes Rental (Average USD 4-5 per day)
Rent a scooter including helmet per day. Countless rental places all over Bali. Usually without any insurance!

Premium Scooters/ Motor bikes (Average USD 5-15 per day)
Special scooter with bigger seat and large compartment to keep your belongings safe. NMax, PCX, or Vespa with insurance, well maintained with drop and pick-up service to your hotel.

Scooter Taxi/ Ojek (Average USD 3-5/ trip)
Managed by the local community,these guys hang around mostly during evenings and night near the pubs and clubs since many areas ban the app-driven transportation services like Go-Jek, Grab, Uber, etc. You can recognize them wearing a west with a number on it (some of them don’t). You would have to bargain with them, but they usually charge something between per trip if it’s not too far.
App driven scooter taxis (Average USD 1-3 per trip) are significantly cheaper. Most visitors use those services twice a day

Taxi cars (Average ca. USD 5-10 per trip, 30 minutes far)
The cars that are managed by the local communities (you can’t miss them, since they continuously say “transport, transport”) charge roughly twice what the standard taxi and app driven services would charge. Bluebird, Grabcar, Go-car (from Go-jek app) are not expensive. An average trip from Seminyak to Kuta would cost you roughly USD 7, if you use those taxi services.

Hiring a car with driver 8-10 hours (Average USD 45-60)
This is the most convenient way, if you wish to explore the island and go for day trips. 8-10 hours including gasoline and driver will cost you anything between 40 and 60USD, depending on the condition of the car, whether the driver is registered and pays insurance and taxes etc.
Rent your car with driver online