Don’t forget to wear your face mask before leaving the house #masks4all - 6 April

WHO (World Health Organization) on its previous public advisory, only recommended the use of masks only for sick people, medical staff, and those who work in areas near sick people. But on Saturday, April 4th, Quoted from the South China Morning Post, The Executive Director of the WHO - Health Emergency Program, Dr. Michael Ryan agreed to use masks in public places for everyone.

"There are situations where the use of masks might reduce transmission rates from infected people to others, [...] We will support governments that are considering using masks as a comprehensive strategy to control this disease," Ryan said.

But WHO continues to emphasize that the use of medical masks should preferably only be used by medical workers. Meanwhile, for those who are healthy and still need to go outside the house are suggested to use a cloth face mask. This advice is made to maintain the availability of medical mask stock so that all the workers on the front lines (doctors and nurses) will be able to get enough supply of standardized protective gears.

"Surgical masks and N95 masks must be prioritized for those who are working at the frontline," Ryan said.

Following WHO, the Bali government through the Bali Covid-19 Task Force urged all people to use face masks when they are going outside from their home. In addition, all departments in every level and sectors are expected to increase their awareness toward Covid-19 as it is now showing an increasing trend in the national level. 

Furthermore, the Indonesian government spokesperson of the Covid-19, Achmad Yurianto also added cloth face masks that have been used can be used again later after being washed with water and soap (5 Apr). This cleaning process is to keep them clean and effective in preventing someone from contracting the Covid-19 virus. In addition, the use of cloth masks is advised for no longer than four hours. After four hours, it is expected to be replaced with a new/ clean mask if you still need to do some activities outside the house.

Not only in Indonesia, regulations for the use of face masks (for everyone) have also begun to be applied in other countries such as Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. These three countries have introduced new regulations for people to wear masks in public places, such as supermarkets and public transportation.