Updates on the total number of positive COVID-19 cases in Bali, 31 March 2020

The Covid-19 Task Force on behalf The Government of the Bali Province has given some official updates on the total number of positive COVID-19 cases in Bali, during an online press conference from the Bali Governor office on Monday afternoon. Until 30 March 2020 the numbers of Patients Under Observations are 146 people (with 9 new cases). Out of those 146 people who have been tested, 109 lab test results have come out, with 90 people are negative, and 19 people are positive. The number of positive infections is almost double from the last press conference on 29 March 2020, which were only 10 cases. 

This new 9 positive cases are 1 foreigner and 8 Indonesian citizens. 3 out of these 8 Indonesian people are believed to be infected from transmission that occurs locally, from other positive COVID-19 cases in Bali. 1 out of these 3 local-transmission cases unfortunately happens to a medical worker. While 5 other Indonesian people were most likely to be infected from the outside of Bali.

With these found cases of local transmission among Balinese, Covid19 Task Force is preparing a feature of live mapping of the spread of covid-19 in Bali. It is expected to help people in the island to easily access information on new cases found in their area and be more vigilant.

Dewa Made Indra as the head of Covid-19 Task Force in Bali also dropped some good news. 2 patients with positive Covid-19 were reported fully recovered after receiving treatment in Bali Hospital. "There are two people fully recovered. Those who had recovered were already prepared to go home," he said

Furthermore, The Governor of Bali and The Head of Bali Customs Villages have agreed to sign another official letter which instructs each village in Bali to assemble a voluntary Covid-19 group (05/SK/MDA-Prov Bali/III/2020). This group is responsible to educate people in remote areas, help local authorities to explain the importance of social distancing which leads to cancelling some religious and customary events, distributing face mask and hand sanitizer, and report to local banjar if there is a visitor or local resident who just came back from other island/ country.