Coronavirus updates on Bali until Thursday, 2 April 2020

3 April 2020 - Here are some updates related to Covid19 outbreak in Bali our editor has gathered. Please be safe, stay at home and keep practicing personal-hygiene at all times. 

  1. Bali has 25 confirmed positive cases Covid19, 10 people were fully recovered, 2 deaths and 166 patients under observation in Bali hospitals.
  2. Bali received medical appliances supply on Thursday, 2 April. The supplies are 7500 medical protective suits, 35.000 face masks and 8400 units of rapid test kits. Some of these rapid tests are used in Bali airport to test the Indonesian migrant workers who have been sent home to Bali.
  3. Denpasar has reported total cases 145 people, with 3 confirmed positive cases Covid19, patients under observations 2 people, suspected cases without symptoms 3 people, and suspected cases under observation 137 people.
    Police and local authorities are on stand by since Thursday night (2 Apr) in one of the areas with most cases found, Panjer. Some barricades/ portals have been placed in main roads and people with no urgent purposes are not allowed to go out. People in other areas in Denpasar such as Padangsambian Kaja, Sesetan, Pedungan, Pemecutan Klod, Peguyangan, Sanur, Pemogan, Dauh Puri Klod and Renon are also strongly advised to limit their activity outside the house and remain to stay at home until further notice. 
  4. Gianyar has reported 2 positive cases, one of them is an under-2-year-old child. These two patients have been hospitalized for 14 days in Sanglah General Hospital and after the second test , it shows negative results. They are finally sent home and advised to continue doing self quarantine at home.
  5. Klungkung has reported 4 patients under observation. The last addition was known to be a 44 years old migrant worker, who was tested positive on rapid test and now is waiting for the full test result in Klungkung General Hospital.
  6. Jembrana has reported 2 positive cases and 60 people under observation. Out of these 60 people, 28 people have already been sent home after 14 days quarantine and advised to continue self-quarantine at home.
  7. Buleleng has reported 4 positive cases and all of them are being isolated in Pratama Giri Emas Hospital. Another 130 suspected people with no symptoms are advised to stay at home.