FAQ: On Immigration Policy During Covid-19

Last updated on Monday, 13 April 2020, 16:00 WIB

14 April 2020 - The Directorate General of Immigration Indonesia have released many new policies as the respond for the Covid-19 outbreak. All foreign visitors are temporarily restricted to enter and transit through the Indonesian territory. Indonesian Visa application at the Indonesian Embassy or Consulates is temporarily closed subject to business hours and only open for Diplomatic Visa, Official/Service Visa application or a person engage with essential work in Indonesia for National Strategic Projects.

This travel restriction does not apply to:
  1. Children of dual citizenship with a foreign passport and registered in the immigration system as an Indonesian citizen;
  2. Holders of Temporary Stay Permit and Permanent Stay Permit (Permanent Residents/KITAS and KITAP) with a valid Multiple Re-entry Permit.
  3. Holders of Diplomatic Visa and Official/Service Visa,
  4. Holders of Diplomatic Stay Permit and Official/Service Stay Permit.
  5. People engaged with Medical Services and Delivery of Supplies (humanitarian assistance),
  6. Airline and Maritime Crews including Land Transports.
  7. People whose travel is associated with essential work for NATIONAL STRATEGIC PROJECTS such as infrastructure or construction with approval from the Director-General of Immigration.
All foreign visitors (as specified above) arriving in Indonesia are required to:
  1. Hold a health certificate issued by health authorities from their home countries or a medical certificate of fitness to fly.
  2. Undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine at designated facilities conducted by the Indonesian government or self-quarantine under supervision of the Indonesian health authority,
  3. have traveled to or been in or transit through a region/country with no confirmed cases of COVID-19 for the last 14 days, provided with a boarding pass or inbound tickets. If there are still many countries that are not yet free from COVID-19, the visitor must meet the requirements in numbers 1 and 2 above.
Emergency Stay Permit are also automatically granted for those who are stranded in Bali or other areas in Indonesia. However we received many email about this particular subject, please find the answers for your questions in these FAQ on Immigration regulations in response to COVID-19 below.

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