Bali will limit gatherings of groups

Denpasar, March 13th 2020

The Corona Virus Disease Task Force in Bali Province held a meeting at Bali Governor's Office, on Friday (13/3). In a meeting involving all members of the Task Force from elements of the Bali Regional Police, Kodam, Korem, local governments, organizations including the tourism industry, health institutions, as well as districts / cities agreed on implementing 5 new measures.

According to Bali Post, the Head of the Task Force who is also the Secretary of the Bali Province, Mr. Dewa Made Indra announced a 5 point agenda to be carried out:

  • first was to increase the capacity of disease management in the government and private health facilities.
  • second, ensuring the availability of means of preventing transmission of diseases such as masks, disinfectants and hand sanitizers.
  • third, increase the capacity of early detection and prevention at entrances such as airports and ports due to the corona virus coming from outside Bali.
  • fourth, increase efforts to control the virus through restrictions on planned activities and events involving the gathering of many people.
    He said "Therefore, for prevention, let us reduce the activities that involve many people. If the activity has to be done, then let's prepare a health protocol," he explained.
  • fifth point on the agenda was to continuously improve education efforts, the promotion of clean and healthy lifestyles to the community.

On Sunday 15th of March, starting at 08.00 Wita, mass disinfectant spraying will be carried out throughout Bali.